Do You Need Alignment Every Time You Change Your Car Tires

The more we talk about vehicles, the more we realize how big of a role they have in our everyday life. Of course, cars are much more than just a means of transportation. Yes, cars are probably the most favored vehicle to get around the city or explore new destinations, but let’s be honest and admit that we all have at least one model or brand that is our absolute favorite. Knowing this, it’s no wonder we spend so much time cleaning and keeping them in the best possible shape. On the other hand, looks aren’t everything, meaning that we also need to take good care of our vehicles as it is the only way to be safe on the road and not worry if any vehicle will let us down. Okay, you should definitely wash your car from time to time, but what’s even more important is to check the oil, breaks, and something that most people overlook, the wheel and tire alignment. Some people think they don’t need this, as they have already done it once they bought the tires, but in reality, doing so should be a must every time you buy and place new tires. Luckily, in order to prove how important this is and whether it’s really needed or just something mechanics say to charge you more, we gathered a few tips and facts, so let’s check them out.

The importance of alignment


If we want to drive our car safely and for a long time, it is crucial to provide it with proper maintenance, and tire alignment is definitely one of the things we need to do. Misaligned tires can cause severe problems and even put our passengers and us in danger, so it is important to avoid id. For example, our car can pull in one direction because of misaligned wheels, which will make it pretty challenging to handle and drive, and sometimes it can be impossible to turn when necessary. Riding in a vehicle like that is never comfortable and can be pretty dangerous. Besides that, it will increase your expenses since it will be necessary to change tires more often because not all of them will be evenly worn, which can cause blowouts of these tires with added tension. Tires are not the only ones that can increase maintenance costs, and if they are not aligned, it will lead to more serious breakages, such as damaged rims or suspension, which also increase the possibility of accidents.

Regular checks are necessary

It is difficult to say how often the vehicle needs a tire alignment as it depends on various factors, and because of that, regular checks are a must, so the mechanic can see if it is necessary to do it. If it is not recommended in the driver’s manual, it is necessary to visit a mechanic at least once a year to make sure everything is alright. Besides that, it is also crucial to do it every time you decide to change tires, as new tires are not the same as old ones. Finding a good mechanic can be pretty challenging since you need to worry about your safety and the safety of your passengers, and it is crucial to find the best possible one. Detailed research can be pretty time-consuming, and if you are in a hurry to find a reliable one, click here.

Signs that it is necessary to align the tires

Although it is pretty challenging to notice that it is necessary to do the tire alignment, and in most cases, the mechanic is the only person who can check it, sometimes there will be obvious signs that something is wrong. Knowing to recognize the obvious signs can help you save a lot of money and, what is even more important, improve the safety and longevity of the vehicle.

Tires wear


One of the most obvious signs that can be checked with the bare eye is how much the tires are worn and whether they are worn evenly. It is enough to look at them and to notice any irregularities. If there are any of them, and some tires look more worn than others, it is a certain sign that they need an alignment.

Pulling in one direction

Another alarming sign can be seen during the ride when the vehicle constantly pulls in one direction, which makes it challenging to handle and drive. It can make the ride pretty uncomfortable but also dangerous, and it is crucial to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Shaking and vibration

Misaligned wheels can cause the vibration of the steering wheel, or shaking, which can be easily noticed even during short rides. Neglecting it can cause severe problems, and if you notice this sign, it is always a good idea to visit the mechanic as soon as possible.

Not centered steering wheel


The steering wheel needs to be centered for a safe ride, which means that the car needs to go straight on the straight road without pulling in one direction. It is simple to check, and all you need to do is take your hands off the wheel on a straight road and see if the vehicle will continue going straight. If not, it is time to visit a professional and check whether your tires need an alignment. Of course, it is crucial to be careful when doing it and do it only when there are no other cars on the road to avoid accidents.

To summarize

Every driver knows that it is not enough just to start the car and drive, as owning a car is much more than that. In order to improve the longevity of the vehicle and, what is even more important, your safety and the safety of other passengers, it is necessary to provide your car with proper maintenance. There are many things to check before driving, and one of them is tire alignment, as mentioned in the text above. There are various situations when it is necessary, and changing tires is certainly one of them, so make sure to do it every time you decide that it is time to buy new ones.

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