The Windows 2000 Character Map

The Windows 2000 Character Map

A special accessory program provided with Windows 2000, called Character Map, allows you to insert characters and symbols into your documents that are not available with the keyboard. Character Map displays all the characters that are available for each of the fonts on your computer.

The Windows 2000 Character Map uses the Windows 2000 Clipboard. The Clipboard is a temporary holding area for anything that you are able to Copy from one Program or document to another Program or document. The Clipboard is able to hold one item at a time. Therefore, you must paste what you have copied right after you have done the copying.

1. Navigate through the menu to reach the Character Map by clicking the Start button to Programs, Accessories, and System Tools. Choose Character Map from the submenu.

2. Choose Character Map from the submenu.

3. Click on a character to see it in a larger view.

4. Double click on the character that you want to insert.

5. Click copy to place the character on the Clipboard.

NOTE: To view the advanced information concerning the character that you have chosen, such as character set and Unicode, place a check in the Advanced view box, indicated in the graphic above by the red-lined box.

6. Switch to the Program and the document when the character will be placed and click where the character will be inserted.

7. Press either Ctrl+V or choose Paste from the Edit menu to paste the character from the Clipboard into the document.

TIP: To use the keyboard shortcut for a selected character, hold down the Alt key and use the numeric keypad to enter the number that corresponds to the character. Notice the red-lined box in the graphic surrounding the keyboard shortcut for the character chosen for this Tips & Tricks.

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