5 Best Vans for Converting to Campers ─ 2024 Buying Guide

This might be the perfect moment to purchase a secondhand van to convert into a budget camper or motorhome because the staycation trend is more prevalent than ever. The best vans for converting to campers are kombi windows and medium-sized panels. These vans are ideal for DIY or contracted conversion projects because they are simple to drive, roomy, and inexpensive to operate.

Diesel engines are the most common type of power source for utilized commercial vehicles. Yet, during recent years, van producers have expanded their model lineups to include effective and potent gasoline engines as well as hybrids. Find out which vans make the finest camper conversions by reading on.

1. Ford Transit Custom


Since this is the most common van in the UK, there are many excellent pre-owned models to choose from. It comes with a diesel engine and is the campervan DIYer of choice.

The Transit Custom has two load lengths, 4.9 and 5.3m, and the highest van, with the high roof alternative, has an inside load area of up to 8.3 cubic meters. The payload capacity of some models of this van is 1450 kg, which is noteworthy. This is one of the best vans for converting to campers.

2. Vauxhall Vivaro

This is more convenient and practical than ever. The most recent Vivaro has a lot to offer DIY van conversion experts. There are two lengths accessible, and heavy-duty versions can tow up to 1450 kg, so you may be pretty frugal with the specifications. In order to help the van handle sand, mud, or snow, the Vivaro is also available with an all-road that raises the ground clearance and includes smart traction control.

3. Volkswagen Transporter


VW has a more than 60-year history of producing camper vans, which is extensive and rich. The strong lineup of medium-sized vans is largely responsible for this performance. This is easy to drive, efficient, and one of the greatest vans in its group. The panel van is available in two-wheelbase sizes, three roof levels, and two seating arrangements. The Kombi can be customized to a similar extent, although there are no roof choices.

4. Renault Trafic

The Trafic from Renault is a stylish van with lots of room for customization. It’s cozy, dependable, and roomy for a small-to-medium-sized van, with a useful cargo area and lots of customization options. It is simple to understand why many individuals think this van is the greatest alternative for campervan essentials projects. It drives more like a van than its rivals, but it’s comfy and has good safety features.

5. Toyota Proace


This offers all the crucial characteristics of a great camper van: it’s economical to operate, practical, and has a max cargo of 1400kg. Also, the Proace comes with a five-year warranty, which puts it ahead of all of its competitors in terms of long-term operating costs.

Because of the Proace’s mechanical platform, it offers class-leading performance and efficiency. As all Proace vans are under 2m tall, parking spaces with height limits won’t pose a problem for you.

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The best vans for converting to campers are kombi windows and medium-sized panels. Keep on reading to learn more about the best vans to convert.

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