At What Temperature Should a Dog Wear a Coat – 2024 Guide

During colder months, a vast majority of dog owners start thinking about whether they should purchase a coat for their little friends. We can certainly agree that having one of these to keep your pet warm is important, but the question is, do they need it? It is easy to understand that our feeling about coldness is highly subjective. Not to mention that many dogs do not enjoy wearing any sort of clothes.

Many people make the mistake by believe that these pieces of clothes have a solely aesthetic purpose. However, this is simply not the case. Under certain weather conditions, your pets would require one of these to keep warm. In case you require some of these, FunnyFuzzy is the place to be. Now, we want to talk about the possibilities you might have, and at what temperature you will need one of these.

Important Factors to Consider


No matter how much your pet enjoys staying inside, they will certainly want to spend some time outside, even during colder months. Just think about how many videos are on YouTube where dogs play in the snow. But not all breeds will require some clothes to feel comfortable during these temperatures and overall weather conditions. There are a couple of important factors you need to consider before doing putting some clothes on your pet.

Dog Size

While it may not look like it, it needs to be said that a dog’s size will have a major role in body heat retention. Smaller breeds will require pieces of clothes to keep them increasing the chance of having better body heat retention. You can establish this opinion by taking a look at the dog’s native region. If it comes from a region with a warmer climate, like Spain, chances are that it will need some clothes.

With bigger dogs, you will not need to face a lot of problems. For instance, they can spend a couple of hours outside, on snow, without needing anything to help them get warm. If they have long hair, they can even sleep outside under these circumstances. Even in this situation, we would consider putting some over their belly because it will get in touch with snow, just in case.


When you think about what’s the temperature when your pet needs a coat, you will need to think about two important aspects. The first one is how much time both of you will spend outside, and how much of this time will be playing. Generally speaking, any breed out there can feel comfortable without any attire in temperatures above seven degrees Celsius.

Besides that, it all depends on the breed and its characteristics. Smaller breeds will need some attire, and bigger ones can sustain even lower temperatures. There is one exception to this rule. If your dog has some condition that will harm its hair growth. When that happens, you will need to cover your pet with something, no matter the conditions. Naturally, this is not the only thing you should do.


It is obvious that fur plays a pivotal role in a dog’s body heat retention. Those with long hair can sustain much more. We are talking about breeds like Chow Chows, Pomeranian, and Huskies. But that doesn’t mean that they do not require any sort of attire. Sometimes, it can happen that the owners simply want to chop some of their pet’s hair, to make them comfortable during warmer months.

Do They Need Boots?


If you take a look at some of the newest trends, you will see that many owners tend to purchase boots for their dogs. When you think about it, chances are that your little friend will not feel comfortable in these. At the very least, your dog will need quite some time to adjust to new circumstances. But that doesn’t mean that there are no exceptions to this rule.

An obvious thing is that a pet that has some sort of injury will need to keep it protected from all outside influences. Naturally, you will clean these wounds and cuts before that, but keeping them dry and clean should be a priority. Besides that, make sure that these boots fit your pet’s paws perfectly. If government officials use de-icers in your part of the city, then using boots is an absolute must.

It’s because these devices use chemicals that can inflict significant harm to your dog’s paws. For that reason, make sure you inform yourself about whether these are used in your part of the town. Furthermore, if you are a person who likes to explore forests and somewhat rough terrains, then providing boots for your pet is important, to prevent any potential damage.

How to Recognize the Right Moment?


Now, let’s take a look at a couple of obvious signs your dog is cold.

1. Cold Ears

Sometimes, your pet’s body will be warm, but this can fool the owner. It’s because of the fur. That’s why an owner should check the parts that are not covered with it. For that reason, we believe that you should check their ears. If they’re cold, then this is a clear indicator that they do not feel comfortable, and you will need to find something to cover them with.

2. Slow Movements

The next thing you should check out is the dog’s movements. If they are slower than usual, then your pet doesn’t want to be at that particular place, under those conditions. They might even try to hide behind some objects.

3. Shivering

Probably the most obvious indicator that there is something wrong when your pet is shivering. When that happens, they do not want to be outside. So, the most obvious thing to do would be to return inside and warm them up with something.

In Conclusion

As you can see, dogs wearing some clothes is much more than the question of aesthetics. Here, you can take a look at a couple of factors that say a lot about the situation when this is needed. Most importantly, an answer to the question of what is the right temperature to start considering these.

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