8 Italian Underwear Trends to Follow In 2024

Underwear and lingerie aren’t something you can wear while outside but can be a very important part of your outfit. In these cases, you can’t really wear lace and bows under your everyday clothes. But on special occasions, you can track down the current trends, and get inspired by them.

Italy is one of the places in the world where fashion trends are born and created every year. A lot of brands are based there, and fashion weeks are organized every now and then. Popular houses, including underwear ones, decide to represent the new collections there. Many of them are even inspired by the Italian fashion trends too, and there are plenty of examples on for that.

But, which trends do you need to follow when you want to buy new lingerie? Is there any rule about that, or a code you need to respect? What is the Italian trend? In this article, we will answer most of these questions for you.

1. Brave colors for seduction


When wearing them under formal clothes, you need to focus on beige or white underwear that is not visible under them. But for casual occasions, you can go for brave and seductive colors. If you have a date with your partner, black or red are the most obvious choice, but what if we tell you that Italian women will also choose something like pink, purple, or even green?

Yes, colors are the most anticipated trend for 2024, especially after we had a dark summer of 2024 when we couldn’t really go out, and try different looks with our underwear and casual clothes. Wearing colorful lingerie is a nice change from the boring black, white, and beige, which are too obvious choices. Sometimes no one will see your new panties, but you will feel better while wearing them.

2. Red lingerie

Red is not only for Valentine’s Day. It’s a very seductive and hot color, and you can wear it every day, as you wish. It seems like this color is the color of 2024’s summer nights. It’s attractive and will brighten up your day or night. A lot of designers are using red in their creations. Also, it’s a symbol of passion and can boost your self-confidence. You can find a large number of red lingerie at Not only does it look hot, it is also underwear of high quality.

3. Online shopping


Today you can measure your body parts and get the exact product you see in the picture and have it shipped to your home. Is there anything better than that? Most of the brands are offering charts and tables, and you can compare your size with the actual dimensions, so you won’t make a mistake while ordering. You can even experiment with different looks and models, or just stick to those that are your usual choice. Make sure you choose the right size and enter the delivery details. Find online stores that are reliable, and provide a clear and transparent return policy. That’s the only way to make sure your package will be delivered to you, and you won’t lose money because of scams.

4. Slip dresses

Or we can call them slips only. They are silky or satin dresses that can be used to sleep with or to seduce your loved one over and over again. They are also an inspiration for the known slip dresses for formal and casual purposes. These gowns can give you a luxurious feeling while you are preparing for sleep, or to have fun with your partner. Slips come in different colors, simple designs, soft textiles, and models that fit almost every type of body. You won’t lose anything if you try one of them.

5. It’s all about laces


When we mention lingerie and sexy underwear, we always think about laces. You can choose onesies, bikinis, bras, panties, and as long as they are made of Italian lace, you will always feel attractive and sexy. It looks good on almost every body type, as long as you choose the right size.

6. Simple panties

They are made of cotton combined with elastin, with no visible edges. They are great for everyday occasions and healthier than the other textile types. For example, you can’t use laces and satin while you run or walk long distances. Also, bras should be comfortable too. Italians love comfort when they don’t have some special plans. Just follow this example, and be comfortable on everyday occasions.

7. Bodysuits will always be modern


We all love bodysuits, because they are practical, fashionable, and in many cases, comfortable. But they can also be hot and sexy, made from different types of textiles, elastic, body fit, combined with dresses or other clothes. And knowing that lace is one of the main lingerie trends for this year, if you get a lace bodysuit, you are hitting double – just like the bravest Italian women would do.

8. Sports underwear

You don’t have to follow any trends to wear suitable sportswear. No one is doing that. So, don’t follow any trends – just wear breathable underwear that will help you manage the sweat, preventing you from excess moisture. Some trends aren’t meant to follow; they are just for the magazine models. When practicing sports, you need comfy underwear, so you can freely move around.

Our final words

When it comes to underwear, you can combine practical features with trends. The purpose of everyday underwear is to protect your intimate parts from outdoor conditions. When wearing skirts and dresses, you need to cover the intimate parts of your body, because the dirt can easily cause infections. But, when at your home, alone, or with your partner, you can experiment with trends and different colors.

Italians are number one in the world to create trends that everyone will follow.

That’s why you can get inspired by their current trends, and even create your own, by combining unique pieces and great designs. That’s all you need to feel sexy, self-confident, but at the same time very comfortable.

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