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How To Groom A Goldendoodle

Dog owners, especially those that own a Goldendoodle understand how important it is to groom. But saying it is much easier than actually doing it. Since a Goldendoodle is most likely to end up with a wavy coat, regular grooming is advised.

In this article, we will talk about how to do that and explain a few things about this particular breed. So with all that said, let’s start.

Goldendoodle Coat Types

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Although a wavy coat is what you’ll get the most, Goldendoodles do come with other coat types. Those being curly and straight.

Straight Coat

Having a straight coat will definitely make things easier. Straight coat requires the least maintenance and Goldendoodles with straight coats require minimal brushing.

Wavy Coat

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We know that Goldendoodles mostly come with a wavy coat. This type of coat is the trademark type of coat for this breed. But that doesn’t make things easier when brushing or grooming. A wavy coat will require weekly grooming and a higher attention to detail to achieve perfection.

Curly Coat

Since this breed is made up of a Poodle and a Labrador, if your Goldendoodle ends up with a curly coat then that means the Poodles’ genetics have taken over. When it comes to grooming and brushing, a curly coat requires it the most. It’s safe to say that a curly coat is very demanding and can sometimes be annoying. You’ll most likely need to brush on a daily basis.

How To Groom Your Goldendoodle?

Now we come to the part of the article where we talk about how to actually groom your Goldendoodle.

1. Brushing

Brushing is one of the most important things to do when it comes to maintaining your doodles’ coat. And like we mentioned earlier, different coat types require more or less brushing. Some like the curly type need it on a daily basis, while others like the straight type not so often.

But speaking from experience, Goldendoodles love brushing. So if you can do it every day, then your dog will love you for it.

Brushing is an essential first step and one that isn’t very complicated. To do it, you’ll need to get a slicker brush and start from the bottom. You’ll gradually make your way to the top, pulling hair away as you go. Whenever brushing, it’s important to make sure that your doodle has no mats and tangles in its coat.

2. Shaving

Yet another important part of the grooming process is shaving. We do this because certain areas need complete shaving as oppose to grooming. Since it’s very easy for tangles and mats to make things more complicated in these areas (belly, genital area, and buttock), shaving is considered a necessity.

These areas are also very prone to mats and can make things very complicated if not shaved on a regular basis. When shaving, do consider shaving an inch of hair below the ear canal. Since doodles do grow a lot of hair in the ear canal area, doing this increases airflow.

We’ve learned all sorts of things when it comes to grooming a Goldendoodle. But it’s safe to say that this breed has other needs that we won’t cover in this article. So if you’re looking for a place where you can read all sorts of things about Goldendoodles, make sure to give a visit.

3. Removing Ear Hair

The next step of the grooming process is to do some work on the ear hair. Doodles grow plenty of hair in the ear area, which is actually a very bad thing as it allows for bacteria to grow if the area is wet. This is precisely why you should focus on doing this step before the bathing part. The inside of the ear will naturally get wet when bathing the doodle.

If the ear hair isn’t removed, then you are making it harder to dry. If not properly dried, then the moisture can attract bacteria that will ultimately cause all sorts of infections. As you would expect, removing ear hair is the same as you would remove hair from your nose. Be quick when pulling the inner ear hair but we gentle. And remember to only pull a few pieces at a time. Trying to pull large sections of ear hair will only make things difficult and painful for the doodle.

4. Bathing the Doodle

Now we come to the bathing part of the grooming process. This one requires plenty of things to get beforehand. Some of the things you’ll need include dog shampoo, dog conditioner, a rinsing cup, flea comb, and two or more towels.

You’ll also want to make things nice and comfortable for your dog, so make sure to turn the heating on if bathing in the winter.

When bathing the doodle, remember that tangles and mats will only make things more difficult. That’s why you should have a pair of grooming scissors and perhaps even an electric shaver to remove any tangles or mats.

Once you’ve done that, bathe the doodle as you would yourself. Get it nice and wet first and then apply the shampoo. Once done, you’ll want to dry the doodle so grab a pet blow dryer and blow from 18 inches away. Don’t set the dryer on too hot as you can easily burn the skin. When drying, start with the head and move downwards towards the belly area. Take the extra steps to dry the ears.

Dog shampoo is generally safe for your doodle; just make sure to remove it all. To do that, rinse nicely when bathing. In the end, you’ll want to brush the coat in the direction of the hair growth.

5. Combing

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And lastly we come to the part where you comb the doodle. Combing at the end is important as it removes tangles and mats. But to do that properly, make sure that the coat has completely dried to avoid making any extra tangles. And same as the drying process, start by combing the head area and more towards the belly.

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