How To Wear Leggings: 7 Modern & Stylish Outfits

We all have a pair of leggings in our closets, and most of us usually wear them while hitting the gym or going to classes. But have you ever thought that your simple leggings could be used to create some fancy and stylish outfits? They are not just a part of your basic or everyday clothes, but when styled in the right manner, they will make you look nothing less than a viral and modern influencer that you find on social media.

In this article, we will be sharing how you can wear your leggings to create different modern looks. The outfits that we will suggest can be worn in various seasons, such as winter, summer, and spring. Let us go through this rundown to get gorgeous ideas to become fashionable.

1. Long shirts with leggings

Long shirts are best to pair with your leggings simply because they can help you cover your back, and the outfit becomes more elegant and presentable. If it is the spring season, we suggest you go for flowy shirts rather than picking something too tight. This also helps you create the balance between tight-fitted leggings and loose-fitted shirts. A shirt made from fabrics like silk or rayon will be the perfect option for you.

For carefree days or a trip, you could wear tights with a chambray shirt and some comfortable sweetheart or boyfriend tee. Complete this relaxed outfit with booties or boots, and you are all set. This mix is our favored outfit for looking upscale while traveling. Tights are one of the smartest options, especially when you know you have to sit at one place for long hours. If you are looking for comfy and top-quality leggings, check out

2. Sweatshirt with tights

Pairing up a pullover or sweatshirt on top of your tights emits a chill that loosens up the vibe. This blend is an incredible choice assuming you’re anticipating hanging out at home with companions or, on the other hand, getting a much-needed refreshing air from outside. Settle on a pullover with a more extensive neck area for additional sex appeal. You can wear a cami assuming that it is more comfortable, but it is not compulsory for everyone out there. According to when it is winter, you can layer clothes underneath your sweatshirt, which can help you keep warm.

3. Bomber jacket

Is there any other outfit better than a plane bomber jacket paired with leggings and white sneakers? You’ve seen your beloved famous personalities rocking the green bomber jackets and tights in plenty of paparazzi photographs, so why not make a similar outfit your go-to while you’re running out for a green juice or shopping for food? It’s the perfect end-of-the-week look since it’s athletic and snappy, and the best part is that it is comfy.

4. Tunic dresses with leggings


There are countless various kinds of attire that go under tunics. Tunics stand somewhere close to a dress and a top; however, individuals characterize it as a baggy article of clothing that reaches the highest point of thighs.

Tunics and tights make an ideal popular combination. They make a very comfortable and elegant-looking outfit. Tunics with perfect length give important exposure to the extraordinary shape that the tights give your leg. There are so many options like lightweight summer tunics, layered tunics, winter sweater dresses, shirt dress tunics, relaxed tunics, and so on. Tights work out positively for each tunic and are ideal for regular wear.

5. Oversized coats

Are you looking for a perfect modern outfit to wear this winter? If yes, then this is the style that you must choose. When paired with leggings, an oversized coat will make sure to keep you warm in such low temperatures. These days, furry oversized coats are trending everywhere. You can pick leather jeggings to wear with your oversize coat, and that will look exceptionally fashionable. Lastly, don’t forget to pair the clothes with long leather boots.

6. Long tops for casual wear

The best advice that we would give you here is not to wear short tops with leggings as it does not look very elegant. Instead, you can wear long tops with them to achieve a comfortable everyday or casual look. If you don’t like exposure to their clothes so much, then this outfit can be the one for you. It will make sure to cover your back and provide you with a stylish look at the same time.

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7. Types of shoes to pair with leggings


Many people are confused about which shoes to wear with their tights, and here we have the answer for it. There is no doubt that you wear multiple shoes with leggings, but it also depends on the weather or season. A pair of flats is the best option to wear with your leggings during the spring season. The flats can have a round toe or the pointed one, depending on your personal choice.

However, if you are looking to pair something with your tights in winter, snowy, or rainy weather, we recommend you go for boots or booties. The boots can be flat or heeled; you can choose the one that makes you feel comfortable. Snow boots are a must for people living in heavy snow climates.

Last but not least, you can pair heels with leggings if you are wearing some sexy dress on top of it. It is the best outfit, especially when you go for a night out or party with your friends. Pointed heels in black color are suitable for both day and night parties.

To Sum Up

Leggings are the most comfortable bottoms, and every girl has this clothing item in their wardrobe. People think that not many outfits can be created with a pair of leggings, but here they go wrong. There are numerous stylish and modern outfits that one can create with tights. Check out the tips mentioned above to help you create some beautiful and elegant looks using your pair of leggings.

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