A Practical Approach to Maximize Junk Car Value Before Sale

Owning a car is more something of a necessity today, which also means that when the time comes to sell the vehicle, as it doesn’t work anymore or if repairs are simply too costly, we need to explore all options. For example, selling junk cars in Los Angeles can be challenging for some, as they are not familiar with how it all works and how to find the best one, but the answer is simple, and you can either keep reading or check

Sell the custom parts separately

Many car enthusiasts spend a lot of money on making their vehicle look and sound different than other similar, and in most cases, they need to use some custom parts in order to achieve that. These parts are often hand-made because most of them cannot be bought, and their value is pretty high on the market. Unfortunately, although these custom-made or hand-made parts are not cheap, selling them as a part of a junk package will not bring you enough money. That is why it’s of vast importance to know how to sell these parts and get the most out of them, which, even though it might seem time-consuming, is definitely not, as all you need is some guidance and practical advice.

Instead of selling the entire vehicle along with those custom-made parts, it is much better to pull them off and sell them separately, as many car enthusiasts with the same model look for the same part. It is crucial to know that once you send some custom part as part of a junk package, someone can earn a lot of money on it, so it is necessary to be careful and check before selling. Even doing this might not get you to that desired amount of money you seek and want, but it will surely be much more than if you would sell the entire vehicle with these parts.

Lessen the transportation costs


Once we sell a junk car, it is not over, as we need to think about the transportation costs too, and this is something most people overlook and are surprised when they add this into the overall price. In most cases, the buyer, whether it is a company or one person, will offer us to transport the vehicle and make it much easier for us, but it is necessary to be careful here, as many of them use this ” way of aid” as a way to reduce the price or charge you more for these services.

The reason for that is simple, and none of them will offer the transport for free, so we can end up paying high fees, which, depending on the state of our vehicle and its value, can sometimes also mean that we will just have to pay them, instead of another way around. It is a much cheaper solution to organize the transport on our own since there are many ways to do that, without spending too much money. Just ask a friend or family member to toe the car down to the buyer or junkyard, and voila, as the end result, you will save much money.

Do not accept the first offer


Okay, this is the basic principle of doing business, and there are two similar words to describe this, negotiating and bargaining, depending on the type and level of business we are talking about here. Now, everyone wants to sell their junk car as soon as possible, but it is never a good idea to simply accept the first offer and just get rid of them because, as you have probably guessed, it’s more likely to end up with much less money than the actual value of the vehicle is. The best way to lose cash is by accepting the first offer that comes by, and even though this is something most people already know, you would be surprised how often people make this mistake.

Just wait for a few of them and see their proposals, as it will give you more options, and sometimes the first one is the lowest one, so waiting for some time can be a much better solution. The best way to deal with this and get the best possible price is by disposing of the vehicle somewhere where it will not bother you and simply wait. Besides that, having a few offers opens an option to negotiate and makes the total price even higher than planned. It will require some time, but there is no need to sell them in a hurry and end up with less money than they are worth.

Check the model


Some vehicle models are rarer than others, and if you are trying to sell a junk car that is not too often seen on the streets and not too old, it is possible to get more money than planned. When we say old, we mean that it is at least younger than 20 years and still popular among drivers. Owning a rare vehicle means struggling to find some spare parts, especially when the vehicle is not a brand new one, which is the reason why some junk cars are more valuable than others.

So, before taking any action, do a bit of research regarding how popular that vehicle is, how many models are manufactured, and whether there is a high demand for them, as just because it doesn’t work doesn’t necessarily mean that its parts are not valuable. Even if the research does not provide desired results, it will not cost you much time, so there is no reason not to do it.

Sell it online

We live in a digital age, so why not use that to our advantage when there is an easy way to deal with everything from the comfort of our home. It doesn’t matter if we choose to sell it piece by piece or as a whole, as doing so online is probably the best solution and, what’s even more important, the easiest one. Doing so will reduce the overall costs, and the profits can only go up, depending on how pressing this matter is and how fast you want to get rid of the vehicle.

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