Special Wholesale Bongs and Glass Pipes Packages: Can They Increase Smokeshop Revenue?

The businesses that are selling cannabis products are booming in recent years since many countries decided to make these products legal. The great thing about opening such a business is flexibility since you can focus on different things and play around with promotions. Some of the most common products are flowers, edibles, and pills that contain cannabis oil.

You can add a lot of additional items that users choose to make the experience more interesting. For example, glass pipes and bongs are very popular. Also, these products can be very expensive. However, you might get a lower price is find a good wholesale offer. If you are interested in selling luxurious bongs and glass pipes, check out

The key to finding a good manufacturer or seller that can give you a lower price when you want to buy a large amount of these products is that you can secure a much higher profit after selling these items in your store. We are going to analyze more about this topic in the following article.

You Will Secure a Higher Profit


This is the key advantage of choosing this option. It is quite simple to understand the process. However, be aware that you will have to prepare a large amount of money for the initial payment. Let’s say that the price of one glass pipe is $8 when you buy it wholesale. However, there is an additional term where you will have to buy at least 100 units to get this price. Therefore, the investment is $800.

On the other side, this is an excellent long-term strategy since you might be able to sell the same unit for over $20. Also, check other expenses like transport and workforce because they could affect your profit in the end as well.

Possible Discounts

Even if producers are not publicly offering discounts when you want to buy more units, this is a common feature, and you should always ask them if there is a chance to get a discount if you decide to buy a lot of items in their store.

This can be crucial for your business since that will help you form the right price. Even a $1 difference can mean a lot because that can be the price difference in your store compared to others, which will help you improve your position in the market.



You don’t have to focus only on one model of bong or glass pipe. When you find the right producer, there might be an excellent selection of sizes and designs. The importance of that is that it will help you improve your marketing strategy and the ability to offer your customers a variety of products.

Moreover, it will help you create different interesting offers and discounts on your store. The best option is to secure a large amount of money and buy hundreds of items in one place. That will provide you with the biggest possible discount, and then you can play around with different offers in your store and attract more customers.

Improved Supply Chain

This is also a very important factor. Imagine a situation where you have a lot of orders on the same day. However, you don’t have enough products in your warehouse. In that case, you won’t be able to send those products on time to your clients, and that will lead to bad reviews and lost customers.

On the other side, choosing a large supplier with excellent wholesale deals will help you secure a lot of products in your warehouse. That will prevent the risks of not providing your clients with quick and accurate delivery.

Other Methods to Boost Revenue


Besides the ability to secure a lot of interesting products and provide your customers with the ability to always choose a product according to their preferences, the key is to work on a proper marketing plan that will help you target more people and secure more sales.

One of the most effective methods to become more popular is to create a good website and connect with people on social networks. However, it is crucial to create a unique brand that will distinguish you from similar stores. Adding luxurious bongs and glass pipes is an excellent solution for that.

Moreover, we already mentioned the flexibility and how important it can be to provide your potential customers with the ability to choose all kinds of products. Also, you should never focus only on one type of cannabis or additional products made of it. Instead of that, offer a wide range of products and items like oils, flowers, edibles, creams, lotions, and much more.

Be sure to explore the market all the time and look for new producers that can offer you some interesting wholesale deals where you might be able to create an interesting marketing campaign for your customers and sell products for a lower price while securing a higher profit at the same time.

How To Choose the Right Dealer?

It can be a mistake if you rush with your decision and make a deal with the first company you find. Even if the price is low, make sure that the products have proper quality so you can sell them for a higher price.

Another very important factor is the location. A lot of people are importing goods from China. However, if you own a store in Europe, delivery time can be longer than a whole month. It can still be a good option, but only if you order a lot of items in advance.


Last Words

Adding these items to the list of available products in your store is a great way for attracting more people. Cannabis users have different preferences. Some of them are only interested in products that don’t contain a high amount of THC, while there are those who –prefer securing the best experience, and that is the purpose of pipes and bongs. There is no better way of consuming this product than using these items.

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