Intel Enhanced BIOS

Intel Desktop Boards use an enhanced BIOS specifically designed and tested for each individual board and it’s features. Our dedicated internal BIOS development team is continually incorporating the latest technologies. In addition, each BIOS undergoes extensive platform testing in three different Intel evaluation labs in order to deliver superior quality. With the brilliant Intel BIOS splash screen displayed during boot-up, your customers will recognize that your systems feature the reliability, quality and performance of Intel Desktop Boards.

Advanced Capabilities

  • Support for the latest technologies: CNR, USB, BIS, EDD, WOL, WOR
  • ACPI Power management
  • Wired for management 2.0
  • Customizable Flash logo
  • Boot with keyboard / mouse swapped or not installed
  • Multiple language support
  • Single jumper for CMOS clearing, configuration and recovery

Superior Quality

  • Full BIOS development capability with dedicated engineering staff
  • Platform and compatibility testing in three evaluation labs
  • Custom BIOS released with each new Intel Desktop Board
  • BIOS updates posted regularly
  • Software driver compatibility testing

Security Features

  • Patented digital signature technology
  • Secure Flash update with protection against viruses or an incompatible BIOS
  • Passwords for system boot and configuration setup
  • Fault tolerant data with error logging and asset management
  • Boot block recovery provides assured ability to boot

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