How To Organize A Hilarious And Fun Birthday Party

We’ve all been stuck inside for the better part of two years, so many birthday parties have been postponed. Well – it’s finally time. It’s time to partyyyyy! If you want to organize your birthday party on your own, there are so many possibilities. Do you rent a venue or do you invite everyone to your house? Do you buy beer or tequila? Choices, choices … In this article, we give you some fun ideas for your birthday party – maybe some will make it into your birthday plans!

Give your friends your invites in person

Facebook invites and invites by text have been normal for years. But let’s be real: they’re a bit boring! Maybe you remember the days in kindergarten when your friend would hand-deliver you a sparkly and personal invitation. With programs such as Canva, you can easily design a high-quality invite without having to pay a professional. Print your invites on shiny paper and add them to beautiful envelopes. You can opt to send them by mail or give them to your friends in person. Believe us: everyone’s going to be excited to receive your invitation!

Make a shareable playlist that gets everyone dancing


A birthday bash needs good music. If you want to go all out, you can hire a DJ to spin tunes all night. But if you’d rather spend your budget on other things, such as drinks and balloons, you can also opt for “DJ Spotify”! Fill a playlist with your favorite songs or make a shareable playlist and let your friends add bangers to it. Maybe you forgot that early 2000s song you had your first kiss to … but you can be sure your friends haven’t!

Laugh out loud at everyone’s costumes

Dressing up glam can be super fun – especially ladies often love an excuse to go all out with the bling. But then again… a costume party can also be so much fun. No, we aren’t talking about cowboy costumes or native costumes from, but fun new themes. What about ‘Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’ in the early 2000s? Or ‘The Flintstones’? Or maybe choose a letter – if your name is Marion, you can make everyone dress up as ‘m-words’. From marshmallows to a macaw, there are so many possibilities!

Buy a cake with your face on it


Some people buy a lot of beer and think they have everything they need for a party. If you’re one of those people: great. But if you want something a little…. extra, there are a few things you can do. Why don’t you buy a big cake with a photo of yourself on it? Or tons of funky cupcakes with your name and your age? Put a few sparklers on your cake and let someone bring it in at midnight.

Rent a karaoke machine and sing your heart out

Once you’ve been drinking, mingling, and dancing for a few hours, you can bring the party to the next level… by bringing out the karaoke machine. There’s nothing like belting out Celine Dion or Meatloaf after a few cocktails. Give out prizes such as ‘Best Christina Aguilera impersonator’ or ‘worst voice of the night’. We promise you it will be a blast!

Surprise party!

When someone turns 50 or younger, you can of course organize a beautiful surprise party. Keep in mind that not every person likes surprises, especially the birthday boy or girl of honor of the evening.

If you know that you like surprises, you can also choose to indicate that you are going to organize something and that date and keep the rest a secret. This way, the birthday boy or girl still has the opportunity to dress up for the evening according to their own wishes, for example.

But the best part is of course when the guest of honor knows nothing and is taken somewhere where a spectacular party is waiting, and where everything has been arranged down to the last detail. Make sure there is someone in the plot to take the birthday boy, which above all does not arouse suspicion. Or lure the birthday boy or girl to the right place with a good excuse.

Organizing a surprise party for a 50-year-old work best when it involves someone who knows the birthday person well. So involve a good friend, parents, brothers and/or sisters, partner or children, and make sure you don’t have to do it alone. Secretly, organizing such a party takes quite some time and it is nice to be able to work on it and think about it together.

You will also see that those who know the birthday boy or girl well, also know very well what they like and what they don’t. If someone really doesn’t like Dutch music at all, you will of course not be doing them any favors with a performance by a folk singer. So always check this just to be sure if you are going to organize a party for someone.


Theme party 2.0

Do you immediately think of a costume party when you think of a theme party? That is indeed a possible interpretation of a theme party, but there are many more options these days. If you are going for a specific theme and you want your guests to take this into account, state this on the invitation.

Parties that are marked by a decade (think the 80s or 90s) are extremely popular. So you can choose such a theme as the theme for your 50th anniversary. Think the 70s (when you were born) or the 80s (when you first went out).

If you have a great passion, that can also be the theme of your party. Think, for example, of sports (including wrong workout movies with Jane Fonda in leggings), comics, Japan (nice sushi!), Ibiza, America, etc. Or take a gamble during a true casino party including casino games and croupiers, and imagine yourself as James Bond (or Bond Girl)!!

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