6 Essential Things You Need to Throw a Karaoke Party

If you want to host a karaoke party, you don’t only need a microphone and a song list. It’s a whole concept of entertainment everyone enjoys, no matter if the current singer is professional, talented, or an amateur. Also, you need to take care of the equipment too, and if you check, you will probably have everything you need and have it delivered to you. You will also have to show your organizing skills, so you can invite enough people, give all of them a chance to be heard, and still keep the healthy level of entertainment, without letting things get out of control.

If you want to throw a successful karaoke party, you need a singing kit, a display where the lyrics are shown, a list of songs, ideas for games and challenges, enough food and drinks, party lights, and of course, a list of invited guests. If you have an idea like this, we have to tell you that you really took a lot into your hands, but we are here to make these things easier for you.

So, let’s see how you can do it:

1. What equipment do you need?


As a matter of fact, there are machine setups available, so you can invest in that if you plan to do these things often. They include a screen, microphone, and karaoke machine to adjust the tone and songs. Usually, these machines come with a huge database of karaoke versions of the popular songs and their lyrics that are displayed on the screen. Also, they show the tone levels you need to hit, so you can score higher. Check to see all the types of speakers available, that will enhance the whole experience, and make things more entertaining. You can also assemble the kit by yourself, and choose more compatible devices to create an even more challenging, but also quality party. Pre-ready machines are usually cheaper and sometimes pretty limited, but in the end, it’s on you to decide what do you want from your party, and how much money you can afford to invest.

2. Create a song list for everyone

You may like some particular songs, but the first rule of these parties is to use melodies that are known to them all, so you can sing together and have fun all the time. One of the best solutions is to find the karaoke versions on YouTube since almost all of the popular songs have that version too. You can load a few CDs too, or even hold on to the existing songs available on the machine. Take care you have a plan B if something goes wrong, so the idea of having a few CDs is not that bad, even though it’s pretty limited. You can also choose a theme for the party, for example, 80s hard rock, or 90s love songs, or even the best pop hits of the 2000s, and you can be sure everyone would love it. You can also mix them up together, or stick to ballads. Everything you think will be entertaining is allowed.

3. Competition with prizes


Surely, you don’t have to buy expensive prizes, but you can make it a competition. For example, the winner in the battle is getting a few drinks more than the others, or they can keep the glass they drink from. Everything is funnier when it’s organized as a competition. If you offer some prizes, they will be motivated to fight for it, and all the things will become even more entertaining.

4. Be creative with the food and drinks

The food makes an important part of every party. Make it exciting. You can order cookies, a catering service, a cake, a funny mixture of drinks, and of course, a lot of ice for the summer cocktails. Additionally, you can take care of the bowls and cups too. Don’t use your glass or porcelain cups. Use disposable paper cups, that are easy to recycle. Avoid using a lot of plastic, because you are not just a master of the karaoke ceremony – you take care of the environment too.

5. Let the guests choose the playlist


You are the host, but the guests are those who will make the whole thing interesting and successful. You surely have some idea how do you want things to go, but it’s pretty bad to try to stick to that schedule, without letting the guests enjoy it. You can, for example, limit the offer of the playlists. Tell them what’s available right now and give them a choice – that way, you are getting what do you want, but also you give importance to the guests, making them feel like they made an important choice. Surely you will enjoy it all the time.

6. Be careful of the time limitations

If you organize the party at home, let the neighbors know, and tell them when it would end. And stick to that. You don’t want to have problems with the law just because you were too loud without informing them. You can even invite your favorite neighbors to come to the party too. On the other hand, maybe the better way is to host this event in a club, where a lot of guests will come, and they will be respectful of the working hours.


It’s not only the appropriate equipment you need for a successful karaoke party. You should invite the right people, choose the right theme, make an exceptional playlist with the greatest hits in history, and let the guests be themselves. It’s not important if someone knows how to sing, or they are a complete disaster – the point of these parties is to have fun, by doing something different, something you don’t do every day. Additionally, you can take care of the menu and avoid ingredients that cause allergies. That’s the least you can do to avoid headaches during the party. And what do you have left now? Nothing much, just to have fun and don’t care if someone thinks your singing is bad.

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