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What is the Most Expensive Caviar In The World

Caviar is a type of delicacy that we rarely get to see your taste because it is so expensive. A lot of people in this world refer to it as a luxury. And that is probably an accurate statement because even the most inexpensive choice of this delicacy is well over $200. With those two hundred dollars, you will only get several grams. But, we are not here to talk about the most affordable or inexpensive option. I wanted to write this article to talk about the most expensive caviar that you can find in the world today.

However, before I can start listing the different types of caviar, I think it would be a good idea to first explain what these delicacies are to help you understood why they are sold with such a hefty price tag.

To put it simply, caviare is ripe fish eggs that have been cured in salt. More accurately, those eggs are called roe. But, to make this delicacy, you can’t just pick the eggs from any fish. Usually, they come from a certain type of sturgeon. The rarer the sturgeon, the bigger the price. There also several different factors that can have an impact on the price.

Homegrown or organic roe –  $100 to $1000

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This is probably going to be the only affordable price that you are going to find on this list. This is the type of road that comes from a sturgeon that is homegrown or raised in and controlled environment. The whole process is trying to be as natural as possible to imitate the ecosystem of a river or a lake. But, since that kind of environment is impossible to mimic, the quality and taste are not the same which is why the price of this roe is around $200-$300 per 50 g.

Yes, this is still very expensive considering that you are only getting 5 g, but it is much less than all the other options that are on this list.

Russian Sturgeon Roe – $110 to $1,575

The Russian sturgeon, is a fish commonly found in Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, but most frequently in Russia, hence the name. It is one of the bigger types of sturgeons, growing up to two meters in length. But, like many of the other sturgeons in the world, it is critically endangered.

However, a lot of companies such as Caviar Giavery farm this Russian fish to deliver high-quality caviar to the planet. Specifically, this company uses a traditional Russian method to give the roe an intense flavor. If you want to know more about the preparation, you should click here.

A famous caviar store in Canada is Here you can buy salmon and sturgeon caviar at low prices.

The cost for this kind of caviar is around.

Farmed Kaluga Roe – $3000 per 3g

In comparison to the preparation or manufacturing process of homegrown or organic roe, there is a lot of difference. The difference is in the quality of the fish, or more specifically, the sturgeon. This fish is most commonly found in the Amur River basin. However, currently, the conservation status of this fish is critically endangered. In other words, fishing for Kaluga is punishable by law.

Fortunately, there are several farms out there that continuously produce Kaluga caviar and then sell it all around the world. Because this fish is critically endangered, the price of this type of caviar slowly increases over time. Right now, if you managed to find a freshly farmed Kaluga roe, it is probably going to cost you around $3,000. That is $3,000 for around 30 g or less.

Sevruga roe – $9000 and upwards

The Sevruga sturgeon is native to the Aegean, Caspian, and black sea and can grow up to 220cm in length and can weigh over 80 kg. Although, on average, it weighs around 40 to 50 kg. The Sevruga, like many of the other sturgeons I mentioned in this article, is also critically endangered, making it illegal to catch.

But, it does deliver the world’s most wanted, expensive, and popular type of caviar. Fortunately, most of the roe coming from Sevruga is from the farms while fewer and fewer people are trying to catch them in their natural habitat.

If you were to sit down in a restaurant and order Sevruga caviar, you would get thirty to fifty grams of roe that is tiny in size but with a salty and buttery flavor. It is considered to be the tastiest caviar on the planet. The bill after will be around $9,000 just for those several dozen grams. Yes, it is that expensive.

Believe it or not, there are even more expensive options out there.

Almas Caviar from Rare Albino Beluga Sturgeon – Up to $25,000

To think that a few hundred eggs of a fish would cost thousands of dollars is definitely weird. However, you have to remember that this isn’t just any fish. The preparation process to get Almas Caviar might not be any different, but the fish is. The fish is a very rare Beluga sturgeon. The Beluga is already quite rare, so imagine the chances of catching an albino one.

Yes, the roe used for Almas caviar comes from a rare albino Beluga. You can imagine why it is so expensive. Although, one of the reasons why is it so expensive is because it comes in a custom-made container that is coated in gold.

Of course, even if you had $25,000 in your pocket right now, it wouldn’t be so easy to buy it. You would need to go through a long waiting list, just to get your hands on that golden container. I think it is safe to assume that even millionaires cannot buy Almas caviar because it is so rare.

There are some high-end restaurants out there that serve caviar with gold flakes on top. These kinds of additions add even further to the price. The price of one serving can go well over one hundred thousand dollars. However, the true value of the roe is in its rarity and not because of gold or diamond additives. In other words, this is a true list of the most expensive caviar in the world.

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