How Do You Tell If A Couch Is Leather Or Pleather?

The furniture you are investing your money in should offer optimum comfort. When we talk about a sofa, the material matters are not because it should stay in a good condition for years to come. The most premium material for a sofa is leather which is chosen by many people for aesthetic reasons.

However, it is very difficult to find the right type of material because many fake options are available in the market. As someone buying a leather sofa for the first time it is important to tell the difference between the fake option and the real one right away. In this article we will tell you about some of the most common ways of differentiating between synthetic and real leather.

Look at the Price


This is the most clear indicator of finding whether the product is real or not. Real leather does not come cheap, whether it is for pants or shoes. Imagine the extensive amount of material being used in the sofa, so it will obviously be expensive. The price will be an indicator of the kind of material used in manufacturing.

For high end products, full grain leather is used and it is the most expensive option in the market. This is the most durable natural type. Each sofa made of full grain leather will be unique because of the color and creases that happen during its manufacturing. Another type of material is called top grain which is not the most expensive but comes at a higher prize too.

Unlike the type mentioned before this one has been improved to give a little more uniformity to the surface. It is very smooth in appearance and the color is very consistent. However it is not the most durable option in the market and hence is not priced as high as full grain.

Genuine leather is another type which has been rid of all the grains on the surface. It is the least durable out of the three types mentioned so far. Genuine leather is a name which is very miss leading because people take it for the real thing. However, the names only specify a certain grade of the material and its durability. Of course, the Genuine label is a grade of leather but there are better alternatives to it and this is not as expensive as them.

Another type is bonded label which is extremely cheap based on the fact that it is constructed from waste pieces which are not used for high end materials. The baking of this material is of everything and the quality is not as good as other grades. It is cheap but definitely not real leather. If you have the choice to look at the name of the grade then stay away from the bonded type. If you have a choice between bonded and high grain leather, go with the latter. Bonded grade is not real and is not worth buying if you want only the real deal.

If the furniture is labeled as pure pigmented or semi aniline, consider it to be real material. On the other hand, any furniture which claims to be leatherette, pleather, or faux leather is not worth opting for. If you are looking for quality high end leather furniture, find here.

Check the Appearance


The appearance of the material is the most clear indicator of its genuinity. There are fake pieces that might look like the real thing but looking and touching them is the easiest way to see if it is a blender or the real material. Here are a list of things you should look for while searching for the right furniture:

  • High grain and top grain leather will have certain natural markings and creases.
  • The animal would have fat deposits and natural wrinkles that translate into the real leather. It will of course not be as visible in top grain material because the appearance is made to be smooth specifically.
  • If the material is uneven and rough it is a clear indicator of real leather along with specific grain characteristics. If one can spot any natural malkin from the animal it is very easy to confirm the authenticity of the material.

Fake material is smooth and very perfect to touch which is the clear indicator of its fakeness. Anything made from a natural source will not be completely perfect . white is an easy to spy bonded type and pleather in a store.

Smell it Properly


If looking and touching has still left some doubts in your mind it is the best approach to directly smell it. We understand that it might feel weird to smell furniture in a shop but to get the most of your investment, it is important to check everything yourself. Genuine material has a very favorable smell which is distinctive enough to immediately appear as authentic.

Unprocessed material will have a stronger smell because of the lack of manufacturing details and scaling. In contrast to the favorable smell of real leather, one would experience a very unpleasant odor coming out from synthetic fabric.

If all you can smell are chemicals that make you doubt about the origin of the sofa, go ahead and move to another option. With more expensive grades like high grain and top grain it is important to feel it close and smell it properly.

The Takeaway

Different sensory methods are the best ways to tell if a couch is made of real leather or pleather. Sight, smell and touch are the easiest methods to determine the authenticity of the right material. While shopping online, reading all the specifications and the grade is the easiest way to find which option is worth buying.

One can look at the prices because fake options are usually cheaper than expected. If you are spending more, you can expect the material to be genuine. Buying a new cow just specially one which is expensive requires proper care of all the factors.

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