How to Identify Real Mahogany Wood in Furniture

Getting new furniture for your home is always an exciting time. While it is challenging and often troublesome to figure out all of the details of this type of home renovation, the fun will surely be had throughout. Whenever there is something new happening around the home like this the family living inside cannot help but be in a good mood. It hardly matters why you may want new furniture as long as you can get what you want. Perhaps the old one is too old and worn down. Maybe a few pieces are damaged beyond repair and no longer usable, or the homeowners might simply want new furniture for the aesthetics and a remodeling. The reasons are many, but one thing is universally the same. No matter why you do it, you want the best that you can currently afford.

One Type of Wood to Rule Them All


Now, there is no denying that this form of renovation is quite expensive. It is actually a lot more expensive than people realize, mostly because you cannot really change only one or two things. To really make a difference in your home, you need to change everything. It is understandable that not everyone has enough money lying around to actually do this easily, but it makes the most sense and the effect will be longer-lasting. This is true, particularly with the best furniture the money can buy, which often comes in the form of real mahogany wood. You have probably heard about mahogany many times in your life, but what do you know about it exactly other than it is very pricey? Probably not much, and yet, just like everyone else, you probably would not mind having it in your home.

In this article, we talk about real mahogany wood in furniture and how you can identify it. There is a lot worth knowing when you want to get new furnishings into your home, and the more exclusive and expensive the furniture the more care and information have to be present. Therefore, keep reading to learn more about this magical type of wood and how to make sure you are buying the right stuff. To find out even more about wooden furniture as well as to check out an amazing offer of mahogany products, make sure to check out

What Is Mahogany?


Before talking about how to spot this wood in the furniture you are browsing, you really have to know more about it. Where does it come from, what makes it so special, and why is it so much more expensive than other wood? There is a lot to love about it actually. Apart from being very sought-after all over the world, it is basically a status symbol. Not everyone can afford it which automatically makes it high-end. However, this is hardly the most important thing about it. The rich, deep, and almost unreal color of this wood is impossible to dislike. It looks like no other wood thanks to its attractive grain. Furniture, decks, and flooring made from it look incredible, so much so that it is hard to believe that it is essentially just a different type of tree. It can barely be compared to some other, more affordable, and common wooden material.

The reason why it is so expensive is the fact that it only grows in tropical climates. This means it needs to be imported in most places on the planet. It is also one of the highest quality woods available, instantly making it much pricier than the rest. Combined with the aforementioned beauty and appearance, it does not take long to figure out why it is so much more exclusive and expensive than anything else. If you want the most beautiful hardwood that is durable, heavy, and solid, mahogany is the obvious choice. It is even more resistant to rot than other woods. One additional reason why it is overly expensive is that many countries that export it have both production and shipping limits, which means only a certain amount of it is available. The most desirable and therefore the rarest variants of grain include the flame and the tiger stripe. It is very unique because, on top of all of its benefits, it is easy to work with.

How to Identify It?


A regular eye test is often more than enough to spot real mahogany, that is if you know what it should look like. It is very difficult, almost impossible to replicate its look and esthetic with other materials, especially other woods. Therefore, it either is the real deal or it is not. We already mentioned the deep, rich colors of mahogany furniture. The browns and reds that pour out of it are amazing, breathtaking, and capable of elevating any type of space. The patterns and stripes that the wood has are so detailed and mesmerizing to look at that it feels like as if they are telling you a story.

However, the ultimate test, just like with most other things, would be some type of certification. Luckily, all mahogany products come with a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council of the Rain Forest Alliance. It should tell you where the wood used for the furniture you bought came from as well as many details about it. In addition to this, you can easily tell if the mahogany is real or if some piece of furniture has it by the price and the place that is selling it. Simply ask those working at the furniture store to tell you more about it and ask them if they could tell you a bigger story.

If you know your wood and want true woodworking terminology, consider this. All genuine mahogany end gran has marginal parenchyma, which is the name for the rows of light brown cells that you can see at the borders of the growth rings. If you can see this, you will know that it is Swietenia, a species of the tree that mahogany belongs to. Also, the corners of the wood should have a veneer. You should not be able to make marks with your fingernails. No hardwood allows this, only softwood. Lastly, look for ripple marks on flat surfaces. Swietenia mahogany wood has small reddish and brown slits that are typically arranged in rows that resemble ripple marks.

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