6 Tips for Using Online Casino Bonuses to Your Advantage

Who doesn’t wanna have some extra money in their pocket? Hardly anyone would complain about it, and it is the very reason why gamblers gamble, and why some of them manage to collect quite a lot of money, when they play smart.

Online casinos are an excellent way to earn some money on the side. And luckily, there are ways to avoid using your own money too, at least to some extent. Wondering how? By using bonuses. There are some special tips and tricks one can use to ensure gambling activity is fruitful, and all the bonuses collected have been used only to your advantage.

Let’s explain a little about what bonuses are and where do you usually find them.

The most common way is to register on the casino server and choose welcome bonuses! This bonus will increase your playing funds, sometimes doubling them. Every player who plays to win something knows it is smart not to miss them. There are a couple of more ways to earn them, besides upon first registration. Those who have been playing for some time know that they are also given during the holidays, but some casino servers also offer additional bonuses when you transfer funds to your casino account.

They’re a great way to increase your chances of winning and increase your stakes.

So, here are the tips on how to use them to your advantage.

1. Choose the one suitable to the way you like to play


Since there are tons of different online casinos, and they all seem to give away different types of bonuses, it is up to you to do your homework and determine which ones will be the best for you. Before choosing any, you need to think about yourself and what kind of game you play, or would like to play (in case this is your first time). Secondly, think about the budget you can allocate for online gambling, and how much do you expect to earn with that money. For example, if you plan to avoid investing your own money, you’ll aim for those casinos offering bonuses without deposits. But if you wish to be a more serious gambler, and your expectations are a bit higher, go for high bonuses. To find out more about different bonuses, read here.

2. Keep track of special offers during the day

Online casinos do not share their bonuses only upon deposits and registration, they are also giving them in special games organized by the casino. This way you will be able to earn the casino bonus by playing special games at a given hour of the day, for example. They also share bonuses in various small competitions and “races” where players gain the right to qualify for additional bonuses at a given time. To keep track of this, follow the pages of your favorite casino and get involved in such games whenever you can – use them to earn rich bonuses that you will then use gambling on games you enjoy. This simple habit will ensure you quite a lot of “free” gambling.

Some casinos offer bonuses when users confirm their account via mail. You can accept a newsletter subscription and thus earn additional bonuses.

3. Hunt for Holliday bonuses


Additional criteria based on which you could choose your online casino, are these holiday bonuses. Usually, platforms organize different kinds of games, which lead to winning bonuses when playing. Since they are only given a couple of times a year, their amount is not to be taken for granted.

They’re always welcome to players who like to play smart and big, with larger stakes. With the holiday bonus, you will have a greater chance of earning and more opportunities to spin slots, play cards and roll the dice. Find out how your casino server issues bonuses and earns with just a little luck.

4. Be careful, each bonus comes with an expiration date

Once you get a bonus, read carefully the deadline by which you should use it. If you go over the written deadline, your bonus is missed and it’s money wasted.

Organize well if you have multiple bonuses earned, set a reminder or something in order not to miss these dates.

5. Make large deposits from time to time


Consider making larger deposits, at least from time to time. Even if you can’t allocate too much money for gambling, saving up and depositing more than usual at least a couple of times a year will give you more bonuses.

Online casinos simply like high rollers and give out huge bonuses to those who deposit well.

6. Use bonuses from reliable casino platforms

To be able to play online casinos and make money on them, you need to actively use bonus programs. However, many players forget that in addition to each such bonus, the player also has a great risk. In addition to the risk of losing money, it is likely that the new casino will not be too honest, so you need to carefully study the reviews, as well as the reputation of the casino according to different ratings, and only then start playing. If a player does not pay attention to the reliability of the online casino, he will not be able to get his money back.

Now that you know all about how to use bonuses to your advantage, you are free to request them from the online casino where you have decided to play. Asking for a bonus is very simple, in most cases, you can use it right away. However, there are also cases when you need to activate given bonuses and for that, you need a code. Whether an online casino will have or require this type of bonus activation depends solely on the online casino. In general, this information should be specified in the terms and conditions for the use of the bonus. Thus, spare some time and read them before involving in a serious play.

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