What's New in Personal Web Server version 4.0

The Personal Web Server package makes it easy to install any of the following new features:

Microsoft Personal Web Server A desktop Web server that can be used to host a Web site on the corporate intranet, or to develop and test a Web site before hosting the site on an internet service provider (ISP). Microsoft Transaction Server Supports creation of Microsoft® Transaction Server (MTS) applications. A transaction is a server operation that succeeds or fails as a whole, even if the operation involves many steps. MTS also supports process isolation of applications. Microsoft Data Access Components Easy use of databases with support for ActiveX™ Data Objects and the Microsoft® Access driver. Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions Supports the use of Microsoft® FrontPage® to manage your Web site, as well as create the site content. Message Queue Server 1.0 Makes it easy for application programs to communicate with other application programs quickly, reliably, and asynchronously by sending and receiving messages. The key features of Message Queue Server (MSMQ), such as ActiveX support, comprehensive security controls, powerful administration tools, extensive feature set, and integration with strategic Microsoft products such as Internet Information Server and MTS, make MSMQ the message queuing product of choice for applications running on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. The Personal Web Server package includes the MSMQ Dependent and Independent Clients.

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