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5 Great Startups that Became Successful Based on ML Innovations

The advancement of technology allows businesses and companies all around the world to improve their customer satisfaction, make larger profits, and produce items that make their customers happier. Understanding the data at your hand, especially when it comes to your customers’ habits, interests, and purchase patterns is extremely difficult, and when it comes to people from all around the world, there can be many barriers. Machine learning innovations are said to help not only with analysis and predictions, but also with gathering the data, providing answers to frequently asked questions, and monitor public sentiments.

In this article, we are going to give you more information about some great startups that became successful based on ML innovations. So, continue reading if you want to learn more about these platforms, the way they are changing the world, and the ways they help us have a deeper and better understanding of different fields and technologies.


The first ML startup we are going to talk about is called Alation, and this company is one of the most successful ones when it comes to combining artificial intelligence and human collaboration.

The purpose of this startup is to help both people and machines learn better, discover new information, and trust the choices they make. The design they incorporate in their process is useful in many different industries including analytics, software engineering, and IT.

The catalog that was introduced by this brand has been accepted by more than a hundred different companies around the world, including eBay, LinkedIn, Pfizer, and TripAdvisor.

This brand has managed to raise more than 50 million dollars in the last funding, and it is said that the overall value of the business is close to 100 million. Even though this is a relatively new company, experts suggest that they have a bright future and that their innovations will help millions around the world.


Unlike other similar platforms, the Anodot platform allows business users to have total control over their actions, and it is made to help not only improve their business but also detect anomalies that could lead to big mistakes.
This machine learning platform helps users understand the problems they are facing, and come up with specific solutions that can be applied in their case. With it, people are able to get a deeper analysis and understand the complexity of the data at hand.

As you can see if you click here, ML innovations help with different types of analysis, including word frequency, collocation, concordance, and even topic and sentiment analysis. All of these things are vital when it comes to understanding your brand and the blind spots, and by introducing the machine learning process into your business you will be able to gain full control over your company.

Currently, this company has hundreds of different customers including huge names like Microsoft, FinTech, T Mobile, Lyft, and Pandora.

This is the go-to platform for many data scientists all around the world because it provides them with information and helps them understand the complexity behind the analysis. One of the best things about this startup is that it can help track many different things including any changes in the code, the history of the tests and experiments, as well as tracking the data sheets with ease.

It is said that this platform is the first one that has allowed engineers and scientists to easily track and maintain the workflow, and with that, it makes every project a lot easier, faster, and the whole process more efficient.  If you want to know how to choose the best workflow software for your business you can check
The last funding that was raised this year in April was close to 7 million dollars, and some of the companies who are already using the platform include Google, Uber, and DataMiner. It is said to be a startup with a great future, and that its innovations will change the way we perceive workflow and data analysis.

One of the best ML platforms that help in e-commerce websites. As you already know, big platforms need to understand their customers, what they want to spend on, when, and how. It is hard to follow the habits of millions of users, and when we are covered in data we don’t understand, it is easy to give up or make a mistake that could cost us a lot of money.
The machine learning platform helps business owners understand the preferences their customers have, and even foresee future habits and sales. In addition to all this, it allows e-commerce sites to be personalized and give recommendations depending on past purchases and product searches.


The last startup we are going to talk about is called AI. Reverie. This is said to be the number one platform and choice for many businesses around the world, and different industries that focus on smart living, agriculture, and even the industrial industry.

It helps train artificial intelligence machines to understand the world, and to help connect different fields and businesses. The reason why this type of platform was needed was that companies in specific fields had a lot of challenges when they had to use AI and the machines were not trained well enough to provide quality data and accurate results.

This year AI. Reverie had an investment of more than 6 million dollars, and this number is expected to rise soon. The future the platform has seems to be bright, and it is expected to help not only specific businesses but to transform some of the vital industries as well.

These startups are just some of the many that have changed the way machine learning and artificial intelligence are seen. They are improving the lives of millions of people around the world, they help us understand things that seemed too complex, and they are said to be one step closer to a future where industries will easily communicate and collaborate with one another. What happens is yet to be seen, and one thing is for sure – these platforms are just the base of the things that are yet to follow.
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