Can You Drink On A Party Bus In Toronto?

Party buses have impressive amenities and have become an essential part while hosting special occasions. Party buses offer food and drinks, entertainment, elegant lighting, comfortable seats, and other luxuries while traveling.

Are you planning to hire a party bus for a special event and want to know if it is permitted to drink alcohol on the bus? In that case, check out the below sections to get a clear answer.

Is It Possible To Drink On A Party Bus In Toronto


In Toronto, party bus rules permit passengers of legal age to drink on the bus. If the rental vehicle is not permitted for the purpose, you may be restricted from drinking on a party bus in some areas. Following a number of unfavorable instances in the past, several restrictions were enacted.

Consumption of alcohol in a moving automobile is prohibited per liquor licensing standards. Due to this rule, you are likely not able to drink alcohol on a Toronto party bus. Though the laws forbidding the driver of a vehicle from drinking have been there for a long time, a few regulations also prohibit passengers from alcohol consumption.

It is worth noting that these regulations have some exceptions and special licenses are available under specific situations. Before you plan for alcoholic beverages on the party bus or even opt not to use alcohol on the bus, it is best to consult with the rental service provider to get clarity on the applicable rules. You can book a Party Bus Toronto by checking out and confirming the alcohol consumption rules with the company.

Several Toronto rental bus companies have their own set of rules and regulations that regulate things like smoking and drinking in a party bus or limousine. A sealed champagne bottle might be provided to the bride and groom when you book a marriage limo or party bus.

In Toronto, many party bus rentals allow passengers to bring sealed alcohol bottles on board. However, there are norms and regulations in place that restrict the consumption of alcohol which are regulated by specific commissions. It is possible to drink alcoholic beverages before or after the journey. However, many rules prohibit the consumption of alcohol while driving.

When going to the destination in a party bus, you might be able to drink alcohol as long as the arrangements for the event and the legislation governing it gives permission. However, it is vital for you to follow the precise guidelines related to drinking alcohol while traveling.

The majority of party bus rental providers enable the passengers to drink any alcoholic beverage of their choice, but it is not permitted to serve it to children. Some party bus companies may elect not to allow alcoholic drinks if there are too many children and minors on the bus. As a result, the rental companies will decide depending on the situation.

It is required for the passengers to be kind to the bus driver, even if they are under alcohol’s influence. The drivers have been taught to give excellent service, and it is critical to remember that they are entitled to be treated with respect for the services they deliver.

Do Party Buses Allow Alcohol Drinks?


It is almost totally reliant on the rental company and is influenced by a variety of factors. It is vital to know that almost 80% to 90% of rental services permit alcohol aboard the bus. A few party buses might charge an additional fee for cleaning if they allow alcohol.

Sometimes, the kegs and glass bottles used for alcohol consumption might be subject to limitations. If so, you will have to settle with canned drinks and disposable cups. It is done in order to keep your coach clean and in good working order.

It is also worth noting that you should not offer alcohol on the rental bus if your passengers are under the age of 19 (the legal age to drink alcohol). If you need to give alcohol on a bus where the passengers are a mix of adults and children, chaperones should be present to assure that no underage person will get alcohol.

If a chaperone is employed, they need to be required to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • He or she must endorse the paper that outlines the chaperone’s chores and responsibilities.
  • The chaperone should go through the passengers’ identification documents to make sure they are of legal drinking age.
  • The chaperone needs to read the disclaimer that alcohol is not permitted for those under the age of 19.
  • The chaperone should also inform the driver if a minor is found to be drinking alcohol.

Go Through The Liquor License In Toronto


The passengers on Toronto party buses are required to obtain a particular liquor license. The Liquor Licence Act (LLA) of Ontario prohibits drinking alcoholic beverages in a moving automobile (section 32(1)). It implies that you can keep the booze on hand while the bus is driving, but you can not drink it.

However, the rules and restrictions are likely to change on rare occasions, which is why you should verify with the rental company or the driver for the most up-to-date information on the legislation regarding the consumption of alcohol in a party bus.

Under most circumstances, taking a bottle of champagne to the destination is not prohibited. It may be legal to transport sealed alcohol in the party rental bus, but it might have to be consumed prior to or after the ride. If you are booking a Toronto party bus or limo, it is critical to give close attention to go through the laws that regulate the consumption of alcohol.

Bottom Line

In almost every circumstance, it is alright to carry alcohol on a party bus. Even drinking alcohol before and after the ride is permitted. However, when it comes to alcohol consumption in a moving bus, you have to check the local rules and confirm with the rental company.

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