How Do You Host A Good Drink Party?

People host drink parties for several reasons. Some want to celebrate a special occasion, like graduating from college, or just to have fun with friends.

But if someone knows how to organize this kind of event, you could count on the to have your back.

They specialize in various drinks that could impress your guests and position you as a great event host.

What kind of preparations should be made beforehand?


1. Pay attention to details

It’s a best practice first to find out the details regarding your invited friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or even family members.

Drink parties are not just accessible for adults. Some guests, especially those with kids, are sometimes bringing their little ones to such events. And a common reason for this is that no one else would be looking after the children.

This is a crucial step as you’ll have an idea of the estimated number of people coming to the party, the amount of food you would have to prepare, and even the drinks that should be distributed.

If you allow kids to the party, be sure to prepare some snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for them. And if possible, lend them a toy so their parents could have time for themselves.

2. Set realistic expectations

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a “perfect” party, but if you’re acquainted with someone with a harmful drinking habit, like causing a stir when they’re under alcohol, it’ll be an excellent note to let them know that such actions are not tolerated. Or at least, they bring someone who could control their behavior once they have been too intoxicated.

In addition to this, you could put effort into hosting the event where minimal damages could occur. Like in your home or a place that you know has tight security to ensure your guests’ and your safety.


3. Prepare relevant entertainment

Just because it’s a drinking party doesn’t mean that it should only be about drinks.

You have to remember that an unforgettable party is something where great memories were created.

Of course, no one is stopping you from mixing alcoholic drinks with the activities. Since alcohol is the life of the party, you could opt to try the “Most Likely” game.

The instructions are straightforward. All you need for this game is your drinks before forming a circle and saying a question aloud.

It’s the group’s decision of who would start the game. The only rule is to begin each question with the phrase “most likely.”

The questions depend on the person assigned to say them aloud. The player could choose to pick an embarrassing question, a funny one, or an intimate question. And the rest would have to point their finger at the individual they think is the person being talked about.

Whoever has collected the highest number of pointed fingers is required to gulp the drink they’re holding as the others cheer on them from the background.

If this is not up to your preference, you could test your poker face skills in the “Straight Face” activity instead.

The rule is to instruct each player to scribble a random word or phrase on a piece of paper as long as it’s funny or even inappropriate.

Think of charades as the inspiration for this.

The game would start when a selected participant has picked a paper from the bowl, which they would have to read correctly without giggling or expressing any reactions as they do so. But since you’re drunk, there’s a possibility that most players would lose and take their next shot within just a few minutes!


4. Provide enough food or snacks

You can’t drink with an empty stomach. If you do, there’s a higher chance that you’ll vomit and face a harsher hangover the next day after the party.

So, it’s a no-brainer that having sufficient food supplies is essential to care for your guests.

If you followed the first step, you would have an idea of what meals they prefer. To avoid any mishaps, we hope you’ve also inquired about specific food allergies.

For example, if a guest has a nut allergy, we recommend avoid serving food containing nuts near the cuisine you cooked or prepared for the allergic visitor. This is to keep them from inadvertently consuming stuff that might be fatal to their health.

Even if you disagree with the diet of some of your guests, we urge you to respect their choices.

Respect is significant in any social event that you partake into, so don’t try to force or trick your vegan friend to eat any meat just for the sake of “fun.”

5. Serve only the best drinks

A drinking party couldn’t be complete without an exciting set of drinks that were tailored to relax the partygoers.

So, when you run into your local grocery store, be sure to keep an eye on a diverse selection of drinks. Our recommendation is the mixed-case 12-pack, where you could get three different flavors like raspberry & blackcurrant, grapefruit, and strawberry & rhubarb.

This product was produced using local ingredients in the rural area of Herefordshire without any sort of artificial flavoring for the best drinking sensation.

The drinks boast a low sugar count and a calorie count of less than 70, along with being vegan-friendly and gluten-free.


6. Water should be available at all times

Don’t just serve your guests’ alcoholic drinks. Remember that some of them need to drive back home or hydrate themselves, so you must keep jugs of water in visible areas that your guests could easily spot.

Other than this, you would have to alternate the distribution of non-alcoholic drinks and refill the water stations as a way to help your guest manage their alcohol tolerance for the day.

7. Keep your composure

Even though you are the one who planned the whole party, you’re still not free to lose yourself amid the fun.

It’s part of your responsibility to ensure the safety of your guests and maintain the organization of the event at the same time. So taking a few sips won’t hurt as long as it doesn’t hinder you from fulfilling your role.

8. The bartender should be present

If you’re expecting a large volume of guests to the party, then be sure to appoint a personal bartender who will keep an eye on the people who are legally allowed to be served alcohol. And avoid incidents where the guest has had too much to drink that they can’t even stand up.

Bartenders are trained to keep away people under the legal age to have access to any alcohol, except for when their guardian or parent have expressed their consent to allow the teenager to have their share.

Bartenders also intervene if needed once they notice that someone has had enough by declining to provide further service to the individual.

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