Windows 2000 and (ICS) Internet Connection Sharing

Windows 2000 and ICS

If you have a small network in your home or small business and need to connect it to the Internet you may have already realized what it will cost to purchase expensive equipment such as routers and servers along with proxy and firewall software in order to build a business class connection to the Internet.

Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Server and Internet Connection Sharing may be the answer to your problem.

Internet Connection Sharing “ICS” requires allot less resources in Windows 2000 then it does in Windows 98 Second Edition, and with the Internet Connection Sharing Wizard, it’s allot easier to implement as long as you follow a few simple procedures and take note of some of the tricks known to the pros who do this every day.

Internet Connection Sharing can be implemented in either Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Server on either a Dial-up, DSL or Cable Modem connection. You only need to be methodical in your approach and follow one step at a time. What we have provided below should help you achieve your ICS connection with relative ease.

Utilizing a Modem Connection:
For the purposes of this example, we will make the following presumptions:

First, we presume that you know how to install and setup either Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Server. If you aren’t entirely sure that you know all you need to know about installing these operating systems, you’ll find most of what you need here. Installing Windows 2000

Second, we presume that you have already installed either an internal or external modem and are familiar with setting up a Dial-up Networking Profile. (You do this by right-clicking on “My Network Places” and choose “Properties” and then click on the “Make New Connection” icon. This will cause the wizard for the Network Connection types to pop up. Just make sure that you choose to dial up to the Internet, and then follow the prompts from the wizard).

Last, we presume that your Windows 2000 computer has a NIC (network adapter card) properly installed, configured and connected to the LAN. If you do not have a NIC installed, you will not be able to install ICS!

Here’s some easy steps for you.

  1. Setup and then verify that your Dial-up Networking connection works as it should in Windows 2000.
  2. Next, open the Properties for your new Dial-up Networking Profile and then click on the “Shared Access” tab.
  3. Now check the “Enable Shared Access for this Connection” box, which will enable ICS.
  4. Make sure that you let Windows 2000 act as the DHCP Server.
  5. Next, make sure that you disable all other DHCP servers or devices on the network.
  6. Now assign static IP addresses to these devices starting with and work down. The ICS DHCP Server will assign IP addresses to all client machines starting with and work its way up for each connected computer.
  7. Make sure that the box is checked to “Enable on Demand Dialing” so that the ICS server will automatically connect to the Internet when a client requests access to the Internet. Once you have completed these steps, the setup for the ICS server is complete.

Tips to help you

IP Address

Use a unique number from to
WINS Disable WINS Resolution
DNS Enable DNS
Host Unique Computer Name
Domain Leave this blank!
DNS Server

Utilizing a DSL or Cable Connection:
Direct connection configurations of ICS utilizing DSL or Cable is a bit different and a little more complex than that of a Modem connection, but it too can be easily installed and setup.

First, you will need to install a second network card (NIC) in the computer that will be used as the ICS server, as without it you will not be able to install ICS.

After installing the second network card, you will need to modify the properties of the network card that is attached to either the DSL or Cable Modem.

  • Open the properties window for the second network card.
  • Click on the “Sharing” tab.
  • You will receive a warning that network or LAN connection’s TCP/IP address is already set to Just ignore it for the moment.
  • Now check the “Enable Shared Access for this connection” box to enable ICS.
  • Last, check the “Enable on demand dialing” box.

Note: On all of the client machines, you will want to make sure that the Web browser has been configured so that the client computer connects directly to the Internet and not via a proxy connection.

Now enjoy your new connection!


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