Adaptec Easy CD Creator in Windows 2000

Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.x

Easy CD Creator 3.x uses an older set of NT drivers. While the most recent version of these drivers work with Windows 2000, they do not support the full capabilities of Windows 2000 such as Plug and Play. These drivers have been rewritten for full Windows 2000 compliance starting with version 4.02. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to Easy CD Creator Deluxe 4.02 for the most complete Windows 2000 CD Recording solution.

In order to use Easy CD Creator 3.x with Windows 2000, you will need to upgrade to the latest Easy CD Creator 3.x release. Before installing Easy CD Creator on your Windows 2000 system, please follow these instructions to ensure a smooth migration.

WARNING!!! Improperly performing these steps may leave your system no longer functioning. Please read the following steps carefully:

Installation Steps

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