Additional Windows 95 and Windows 98 Compatibility Issues

Windows 95 and Windows 98

Additional Compatibility Issues

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The following features and utilities, in Windows® 98 and Windows 95 cannot be upgraded. Check back here for updated application and feature compatibility information. You can find additional information about these items in the Hardware and Software Compatibility area.

  • Some system utilities are not supported in Windows 2000. For example, compressed drives that use DriveSpace or third-party applications must be decompressed before upgrading. Also, disk defragmenters written for Windows 95 and Windows 98 will not work on Windows 2000; however, Windows 2000 includes a disk defragmentation application.
  • Anti-virus programs must be upgraded to a version compatible with Windows 2000.
  • Digital video disc (DVD) decoders. Contact your hardware manufacturer or a third-party vendor for decoder versions that are compatible with Windows 2000.
  • Custom keyboard or monitor buttons that control certain programs, such as audio volume or Internet connections. Contact your hardware manufacturer for updated drivers.
  • Applications and utilities that use virtual device drivers (VxDs) and x386 drivers. Contact your software manufacturer for updated applications.
  • Third-party Control Panel applets. Contact your software manufacturer for updated versions of the applets.
  • Network components that do not ship on the Windows 2000 CD-ROM, such as protocols, clients, and services. Contact your networking vendor for updated protocol stacks, client software, and services.
  • Custom power management and Plug and Play solutions and tools. Windows 2000 has Plug and Play and power management built into the operating system, so third-party solutions are not necessary.
  • Additional utilities that came pre loaded from the computer manufacturer. Contact your computer manufacturer for updated utilities.

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