Backing Up and Restoring the Windows 95 Registry

Backing up and Restoring the Windows 95 Registry

To Backup and Restore the Windows 95 Registry.

While at a *pure MS-DOS prompt, and in the the C:\Windows directory, type: Attrib -s -r -h C:\Windows\System.dat (press Enter)

Attrib -s -r -h C:\Windows\User.dat (press Enter)

To make backup copies type: copy C:\Windows\System.dat C:\Windows\System.000 (press Enter)

copy C:\Windows\User.dat C:\Windows\user.000 (press Enter)

To Restore the Registry Type: copy C:\Windows\System.000 C:\Windows\System.dat (press Enter)

copy C:\Windows\User.000 C:\Windows\user.dat (press Enter)

* A pure MS-DOS prompt means booting your computer to an MS-DOS prompt,
   not selecting an MS-DOS Prompt from within Windows.

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