Upgrade or Clean Install of Windows 2000 Professional

Whether you upgrade from an earlier “upgradeable” operating system or format and install a clean copy of Windows 2000 Professional can only be determined by you and the current state of your computer. Our recommendations in this regard are irrelevant unless we built the computer or server upon which you intend to install Windows 2000.

Many people have asked the question, “Should I upgrade or should I just format and install Windows 2000 clean”, and for as many times as the question has been asked, there have been as many wide and varied replies. The simplest answer, but the one no one wants to hear, is that “it depends”.

It depends on such issues as:

  • Whether or not your computers Motherboard and its BIOS are Windows 2000 compliant.

  • Whether or not the other hardware in your computer is Windows 2000 compliant.

  • Whether or not Windows 2000 drivers are needed for certain of your hardware devices and if they are available.

  • Whether or not the operating system currently installed can be upgraded during the Windows 2000 installation.

  • Whether or not you have any third party software installed on your computer that may or may not be Windows 2000 compatible.

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