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Current Release Notes for Windows 2000
Updated 04/10/2001

When Microsoft releases a Service Pack, it includes with a set of Release Notes that describe any last minute issues that a users should be aware of. As is usually the case, as the Service Pack is applied to systems in a broad user base, additional issues surface, which results in additional notes regarding the Service Pack as well as the possibility of additional fixes, including hotfixes. Below you will find additional Release Notes that have been posted since the release of Service Pack 1, and which will probably be addressed in impending Service Pack 2.

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Q263125 SP1 Upgrade Does Not Update Recovery Console Files

Q265440 “A Required .dll File, Clusapi.dll, Was Not Found” When Running SP1 Update.exe
Q265813 Running Update.exe for More Than One Share Produces Only One .log File
Q265816 Installation Path Is Not Updated by Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 Update.exe
Q268178 Setupapi.log Entries Appear After Running Update.exe
Q268180 Svcpack.log Incorrectly Records Files Copied to Winnt\Java\Classes After Installation of SP1
Q268256 Space Requirements for Service Pack Installation Correction
Q268257 Integrated Windows 2000 SP1 Installation Upgrades
Q268989 Considerations Before Uninstalling Windows 2000 Service Pack


Q263212 File Version Information May Be Incorrect in Windows 2000 Multilanguage Version

Q263566 Windows File Protection Error Messages Generated During Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 Installation
Q265817 Terminal Services Client Files Not Updated After Windows 2000 SP1 Installation
Q268144 ‘%’ Wildcard Operator No Longer Works in Access Multiselect Query with Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 1
Q269483 Windows 2000 Administration Tools Package (Adminpak.msi) Updates
Q269676 Security Utility (or Firewall) Settings After Installing Service Pack 1
Q269722 Windows 2000 SP1 Deployment Guide List Incorrect URLs for KB Articles

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