Weak Points of Classes In WoW Shadowlands

World of Warcraft fans know how important it is to choose the most appropriate class at the start of the game. However, it is always difficult for beginners to decide on a character without learning their initial characteristics and skills. To make the choice a little easier, check out a short list of their pros and cons.

WoW players face this choice immediately upon launching the game. To successfully complete missions and win achievements, you need to boost your skills and analyze mistakes. Classes can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • wizards (Mage, Paladin);
  • defenders (Warrior, Hunter);
  • attackers (Druid, Warlock).

It turns out it’s not so easy to create your own group of like-minded players. In some cases, you have to participate in battles and look for a suitable team. The speed of completing the mission depends on what class you chose, so we will carefully consider each of them.

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This character remains popular due to the ability to transform into a tank warrior and strengthen almost any team. The value of the character lies in the fact that with its help it is possible to quickly and almost seamlessly win battles against powerful bosses on various levels.

Nevertheless, the warrior still has drawbacks. If you plan to complete the entire game in this class, it is worth gathering the support of a Mage or aHealer. This will play an important role when you need to restore the life force in battle. There is no other way to win.

Character boosting also takes a lot of time, and without the self-recovery skill this process becomes too long. Going in search of additional equipment, pay attention to the available level and assess them.

By comparing the items received in a battle with those in stock, you will be able to improve the character and get the necessary war hero. Carefulness during the search for items also affects the user’s game, so you need to make a decision after thoroughly considering all pros and cons.



The popularity of this character is based on his ability to change appearance after reaching a certain level and use magic potions. Nevertheless, the character can hardly be called attractive. At least for those who want to get the most out of the game.

Simple boosting of the character makes it impossible to continue playing in this guise. However, beginners will undoubtedly be able to find something attractive in this case too. For experienced players, there are other characters that will make you feel important and get progress.

Most often dungeons remain the druid’s area of activity, and in raids he acts as a healer. Low competitive ability makes you think about whether to choose this class for the game. The will help you boost the character without any problems, which means that the gameplay cannot be called complicated.



This character is very easy to boost, and there are no problems in this process. This is both pleasing and sad at the same time. Experienced players neglect this class, but this doesn’t mean that beginners should follow this path. Hunter’s list of skills cannot be called varied or vast, but it is quite enough to complete missions.

Hunters have the ability to raise a pet and use it in battles. However, you will need daily regular care of the pet, otherwise it will simply run back into the forest. You shouldn’t allow this, since a close fight is a strong point of the pet, not the owner.

The hunter may be powerless if the enemy managed to get too close. It is inconvenient to shoot in such situation, therefore the character needs protection in the form of a pet. The dead zone and the inability to defend themselves take away several points from this type of characters.



This class has enough strong points: they create food instead of buying it, make spells for a combat and have an ability to heal players. Mages are a fairly common class in the game, nevertheless, it will be quite easy to find a suitable team.

The only thing that should not be allowed is meeting Hunters. Mages lose in such fights, which affects the spirit of the entire team. You shouldn’t forget about the difficulty of boosting either. If you decide to choose the Mage as your class, you won’t encounter serious problems on your way.



You can boost this character for a very long time, but the result will definitely worth it. The right choice of equipment will protect the character from any adversity and make him immortal. Although remember that you still need to grow to this level.

The Paladin is not a good choice as a main game character. His participation in missions is due to the ability to heal the team during the fight. He doesn’t have other special skills, so the frequency of selecting him will gradually decreases. However, when combined with other classes, the Paladin does his best.



Despite the interest in this character, you should choose him only in those cases when you feel close to this demeanor. It is quite difficult to boost the character, since any mistake may lead to his death. Several additional cool downs will protect him from death, but only if they have not expired.

You cannot allow the lack of information about aggro either, since this will lead to the death. Moreover, the defeat of the character happens so quickly that players themselves don’t notice what killed them. Stealth will only be relevant in the PvP world, while in others it will be useless.



This character can compete with the Hunter for the first place in any team, but his set of skills is much more diverse. Elusiveness and speed make the warlock almost immortal. Before each raid the character needs 20 minutes to get ready, it is a mandatory requirement.

You will be welcomed in any team, but the light version of the boosting process can be frustrating. There are no class lore or special lessons for warlocks, so the game may seem boring, albeit sometimes fun.

Choosing the right character is quite difficult. However, it is worth considering your personal preferences and playing a little for the chosen class. Not everyone can survive in different conditions, and this ability should be paid for with a long boosting process or monotonous gameplay.

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