6 Beginner Tips for Leveling Up Faster in Destiny 2

Online shooting games are the most popular option among gamers in recent years. Developers are constantly improving these titles by adding new interesting features along with more realistic graphics and gameplay.

When it comes to some of the most recent FPS titles, we have to mention Destiny 2, which has a huge amount of players. You can choose from three classes in this game, and the main point is to compete against the Red Legion to get back the Last City. The game is very interesting, and there are many side quests and other features that will provide a lot of entertainment.

If you are planning to start with this game for the first time, learning more about some important features will help you to become more efficient. Also, the key is to work on leveling, and we are going to introduce you to some of the best methods you can use to level up faster.

1. Buy Boost


One of the easiest ways to get a higher level in the game is to buy some of the boosts available. This is a great feature available in many games today and can save you a lot of time and help you prevent stressful situations that might occur due to the lack of experience.

When it comes to Destiny 2, you can choose boosts like Trials of Osiris, Grandmaster Nightfall, Master Vault, and many other boosts related to raiding, farming, and gaining levels. If you are interested in this solution, check out

2. Focus on Bounties

There will be all kinds of side-quests and missions available in this game. Also, you should never avoid additional challenges where you will get the assignment to kill a particular number of enemies, stay alive for a longer time, and more. Completing each of these quests will provide you with more experience, XP points, and valuable items. There are some missions where you can instantly leach a higher level.

3. Daily Quests


This is also a feature seen in many modern games. Developers are using this approach to keep players active all the time. On the other hand, players will get many benefits from logging in every day since they will get new assignments that will lead to more XP, new items, more gold, and more. You can expect new challenges every day, which is also very interesting. The mode that offers the XP boost is called Crucible.

4. Never Skip Farming

Killing neutrals along the way while completing the main quests and side missions is a great way to significantly increase the level. The great advantage of this feature is that you will enjoy yourself more while playing since farming will motivate you to explore every corner of the map.

Also, there are many missions where you will need to spend more time while traveling from one side of the map to another, and that provides you with a lot of spots full of neutrals that you can kill to gain more XP points. That is great for the skills as well since you will spend more time practicing with various weapons.

5. Look for Advanced Gear


Improving the gear is essential for the abilities of your character. Also, it will allow you to kill the opponents much faster and stay alive for a longer time, which is crucial for faster leveling as well. It is important to understand the link between the current level and available equipment. You will have a chance to use advanced weapons only after reaching a higher level.

Therefore, you should work on both of these things at the same time. In that matter, you should learn more about different modes in the game, and which parts might provide you with more points. You should try to avoid wasting time at the same level by constantly working on boosting your stats. The common mistake many players are making is staying on one planet for too long.

6. Fastest Method of Leveling

First of all, you should know that there are different limits in leveling, such as soft, hard, and pinnacle. When you start playing, be sure to focus only on reaching the first limit as fast as you can. You can do that by working only on the main quest. Also, there is no need to experiment with various gear at this level since that will only be a waste of time.

More powerful weapons will be available later. Moreover, be sure to get rid of less powerful gear from the moment when you get better items. That will provide you with more resources that you can use to collect new items. When you finish with the first limit, you should start focusing more on side-quests.

When it comes to the highest stadium in the game, one of the best ways to quickly gain more stats is to take part in raids. Also, main quests will provide you with valuable artifacts that you can use to either create new weapons or as a resource for other items and features in the game.


Besides the particular features in this title that will help you to get a higher rank, it is essential to spend more time while trying to learn more about the features, shortcuts, and other valuable tips that will help you to improve your skills. Skills and experience are crucial parts of every game, and they are the most efficient method to complete various missions and build a more powerful character.

When it comes to FPS games, the most important skills are concentration, muscle memory, accuracy, and patience. As a beginner, it is normal that you might lose more often. There is no need to get frustrated. Instead of that, simply play more and work on your abilities. Also, we suggest you search for online streams where you can watch experienced players and learn some techniques from them. Since Destiny 2 is so popular, there are many channels available on Twitch and YouTube.

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