Checking Hardware and Software Compatibility For Windows 2000

Checking Hardware and Software

Regardless of whether you are doing a fresh installation of Windows® 2000 or upgrading from a previous Windows operating system, checking your hardware and software for compatibility with Windows® 2000 is a must.

Before you attempt to install Windows® 2000, use the tools and resources that this site and Microsoft has offered to assess the readiness of your computer system in order to make sure your hardware and software will run on Windows 2000. You can search for hardware devices and software applications that are compatible with Windows 2000, and find out what steps you may need to take before attempting the installation.

Download and run this tool on your system to get a custom report listing known hardware and software compatibility issues you might encounter when upgrading to Windows 2000. Keep in mind though that the report is based on Microsoft and independent vendor testing, and therefore it cannot be expected to discover each and every potential problem, especially from legacy (pre-1995) equipment. You can print or save it on your computer as a text file for later viewing.

Whether you intend to do an upgrade or a fresh installation, you should address the issues in the report before attempting to install Windows 2000. Again, please note that the report will not provide information on all existing hardware and software you might be running on your system. You should contact your hardware and software manufacturers directly for specific Windows 2000 product compatibility information and issues.

To read more about and to download the Microsoft Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer, please follow this link: Download the Microsoft Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer

Would you like to see a sample of the readiness analyzer tool report? If so, please follow this link:

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View a sample Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer Tool report

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