Bios Compatibility and Windows 2000

  • If your computer manufacturer has indicated that you need a new BIOS and you do not update it, or you install the wrong BIOS version, your computer may stop working properly. Please be aware that installing an incorrect BIOS update may cause serious damage to your computer system. Review the Q&A below to find out more about BIOS compatibility and Windows 2000.

    To our customers: During the months of November and December 1999 you received either an e-mail or letter from us that identified whether or not the Bios for your computer was Windows 2000 compliant. If we found that your Bios was not compliant, you also received instructions on how to either perform the upgrade, if necessary, or request that a technician arrange for an appointment to do this for you. If you still require this service, please contact our Customer Service Department at your earliest convenience.

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