4 Reasons Never To Try To Beat A DUI/DWI Case Without A Lawyer

Did you know three people lose their lives every two hours in alcohol-based accidents? The DUI/DWI cases are increasing rapidly. In the past decade, i.e., around 2010, these cases had the highest arrest rates, and now there are about 1.4 million arrests.

If you or your dearest members are also stuck in these cases and are wondering whether to hire an attorney, you’re in the right place. Most people think hiring a lawyer is expensive and would like to beat a DUI case without a lawyer.

But the problem is that your opposition is stronger and garnered much expertise dealing with these cases. So, the best choice is to hire a lawyer and prove you’re not guilty.

If you’re searching for a lawyer, here’s some good news– Click here to get in touch with the best lawyer to deal with your case effortlessly. If you aren’t convinced about choosing a lawyer to defend you, here are a few reasons you shouldn’t neglect hiring a defense lawyer.

Do You Really Need An Attorney For DUI/DWI Cases?


First things first: Is it necessary to get a lawyer? The short answer is “Yes.”

DUI isn’t a simple case that can be solved without a lawyer’s support. The people who accepted their guilt might lose their employment with a colossal penalty.

In earlier days, the drunk and drive cases weren’t complicated. Yet, the situation is no longer the same after the imposition of drunk driving per se and other key laws in several American states (You might be wondering about per se laws. Cool. You’ll understand it in the next section). Now, the intoxicated drivers must be judged based on the DUI charges.

Suppose you think hiring an attorney is expensive; the burden after accepting your guilt is much more burdensome. That’s why drunk drivers should hire an attorney to defend themselves.

A good attorney either saves you from legal charges or minimizes the complexities that perhaps affect your family or dearest ones.

4 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For Your DUI Or DWI Case


Here are a few reasons to hire a lawyer to win your DUI or DWI case. Read on.

1. Your Blood-Alcohol Content Is Below 0.08

The per se laws says that a person with the Blood-Alcohol Content(BAC) above the given legal limit is guilty of DUI. In general, the legal limit varies slightly from place to place.

For instance, the BAC limit in 2015 in Utah was 0.05. While this limit in Columbia, Puerto Rico, and other states of the US as of 2020 is increased to 0.08.

If the drunken driver’s BAC is below 0.08, they have a good chance of proving not guilty. And they can be relieved from all legal charges and penalties. On the other hand, make sure you contact a proficient lawyer even if your BAC is equal to or above 0.08.

2. They Guide You On The Right Path

It’s a common fact that experts help you choose the right path. Since the lawyers like Phoenix DUI Lawyer are experts in dealing with these cases, it’s a wise choice to get support from them to win the case or reduce the legal charges.

Moreover, the authority provides the drivers with a plea bargain in which the driver has the chance to accept guilt in response to minimize penalties. The plea bargain eases the case and moves it ahead. The person who doesn’t hire the right lawyer might fall for this trap and accept the guilt. However, having a good representative helps you choose the best possible way.

On the other hand, the lawyer clarifies all your queries, from procedural activities to BAC complexities. Seeking a prosecutor’s help is a no-brainer choice if you think you’re on the edge of the sea.

3. Relieve You From Complexities

A few complexities with DUI charges are the employability crisis and insurance risks. If the case goes wrong, it leaves you with criminal records. And the defendant’s current and future employment could be questionable.

A lawyer helps reduce the risks of losing a job and assures the best possible ways to relieve them from the charges. You can escape heavy penalties, criminal charges, high insurance taxes, and much more.

Moreover, if the driver has proven guilty, they must be reported for a probation period of three months. The problem with this period is it’s expensive and quite embarrassing. However, the reputed attorney saves you from the probational acts.


4. They Save Your License

If the driver is proven guilty or tested BAC over the legal limit, the driver’s license should be suspended according to the “Administrative License Suspension(ALR)” laws. This law has been passed in over 48 states in the US as of 2020 and is undeniable.

An important point to be noted is this suspension of driver’s license isn’t linked to criminal court as the state will issue the license. And therefore, the state has the right to cancel or suspend it as per the rules and regulations.

However, there are a couple of states without ALR laws. Usually, these states don’t suspend the license until the driver pleads guilty or is convicted.

A few other reasons to hire an attorney are as follows:

  • The criminal charges or records affect your property issues and family relations.
  • A good lawyer helps you reduce court expenses. They set up an environment favorable to the defendant.
  • The driver can be free from financial burdens and other legal complications.

Key Takeaways

Talk to a DUI attorney as soon as possible to win the case. After all, nobody wants to be locked up in jail or pay huge charges to the government for their whole life. Furthermore, it risks your employment, relations, and social & financial status. Make sure you hire an attorney to relieve yourself from overwhelming legal charges or penalties.

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