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The following pages are not to be construed in any manner as “Official Microsoft Customer Support” pages. The information and data found on this and all other similar pages at this site has been gathered from many sources, including our own development team, and then refined for our internal use. We are making this information available in order to provide understanding and assistance to our customers.

You can find the Official Microsoft Support Pages by clicking here!

You can find the Windows 98™ Windows Update page by click logging onto your Internet Service Provider and then click Start, Windows Update!

If you are a corporate customer and need to Windows 98 Update files and would prefer to download and install them without using Windows Update, then click here!

There are only a few flavors of the Windows 98 operating system at present, and they are:

  • The original retail release of April 1998.

  • The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) version.

  • The Windows 98 Second Edition, which includes Internet Connection Sharing.

  • The Windows 98 Upgrade to the original release version, which adds all of the Second Edition features except for Internet Connection Sharing.

By double clicking the My Computer icon, then clicking the Control Panel icon and then the System icon, you will find the System Properties page where you can determine the exact version of Windows that you are using.

The next group of pages will start with partitioning your hard drive, if that is necessary, to formatting it and then loading the operating system. We urge you to proceed with caution and always check it of your steps before proceeding to insure that you understand what you are doing as well as the anticipated outcome.

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