Clean Installation of Windows 2000 Professional

  • Licensing Agreement. If you agree with the terms, select I accept this agreement to continue with Setup.

    • Select Special Options. Use this screen to customize Windows 2000 Setup, language, and accessibility settings for new installations. You can set up Windows 2000 to use multiple languages and regional settings if you like.

    • Upgrading to the Windows 2000 File System (NTFS). Windows 2000 can automatically convert partitions on your hard disk to NTFS, or you can keep your existing file systems. If you’re upgrading, setup uses your current file system, however you can change to NTFS, which is the recommended file system for Windows 2000.

    • Regional Settings. Change the system and user locale settings for different regions and languages.

    • Personalize Your Software. Enter the full name of the person and, optionally, the organization to whom Windows 2000 is licensed.

    • Computer Name and Administrator Password. You must enter a unique computer name that differs from all other computers, workgroups, or domain names on your network. While setup will suggest a computer name, you can change the suggested name to anything you wish.

      Setup will automatically create an Administrator account during the installation process. When you use this Administrators account, you will have full rights over the computer’s settings and can create user accounts on the computer. Logging on as an Administrator after you install Windows 2000 gives you administrative privileges that you need to log on and manage your computer. You will need to specify a password for the Administrator account. For security reasons you should always assign a password to the Administrator account. Take care to remember and protect your password.

    • Date and Time Settings. Verify the date and time for your region, select the appropriate time zone, and then select whether you want Windows 2000 to automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

    • Networking Settings. Unless you are an advanced user, select the Typical settings option for your network configuration. Select the Custom settings option to manually configure network clients, services, and protocols.

    • Workgroup or Computer Domain. During the setup process, you must join either a workgroup or a domain!
    • Provide Upgrade Packs for Third Party Programs. Some software manufacturers provide upgrade packs that allow your programs to work with Windows 2000. If you don’t have any upgrade packs, simply click Next to continue with Setup.

    • Network Identification Wizard. If your computer is participating on a network, this wizard prompts you to identify the users who will be using your computer. If you indicate that you’re the only user, you’re assigned Administrator privileges.

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