4 Things to Know about Podcast Video Recording

When you read the title, you may have thought we made a mistake. Because what kind of connection does video recording have with a podcast, which is a digital audio file that all subscribers can download to listen to new episodes? However, the situation has changed. Although podcasts originated as something that is audio, YouTube has become the most popular way of listening to podcasts. This means that it is no longer enough to record only an audio file, but you also have to upload a video.

We will give you an example. The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. In over 1000 podcasts, Joe Rogan talked to some of the most important people today. And that podcast, like most others, is available in both audio and video format. That is why a video podcast is something that exists, even though it sounds like a contradiction. If you too have decided to start recording a podcast, inspired by Joe Rogan or any other host, read things you have to know about podcast video recording.

1. Benefits of video podcasts

You are probably wondering what the benefits of a video podcast are and why not just stick to the old-school type of podcast that only includes an audio file. Because the first thing that comes to mind is that you need more time and money to record a video podcast compared to an audio one. So how would that pay off then?


In many ways, and here are some of the most important and most obvious:

Creating a connection with the audience

People definitely get used to the voice they listen to in the podcast and it becomes familiar to them. But you will never be really close to them until they can put a face to your voice. Only when they see what you look like, your gestures, and facial expressions, you will be able to really gain their trust, even though you are talking exactly the same as you would if it were just an audio file. So if you want to actually create a connection and gain trust, a video podcast is the right choice.

Videos are much more popular

Videos are the most popular since people are visual creatures. Also, the concentration of people has been significantly declining in recent decades, which you can see by the fact that the most popular social networks are Instagram and TikTok. And those two social networks focus on visual content whose duration is short.

It is not up to you to try to change that but to make the most of the situation. And you will do that by recording a video podcast.

New audience available

Audio podcasts are available on certain platforms visited by people who like to listen to such a concept. But it’s a much smaller audience than the one you can reach when you post a video podcast on YouTube that is used by several billion people every day.


2. You need equipment

You don’t need equipment like you’re shooting a Hollywood movie, but it definitely needs to be good enough for the video and sound quality to be satisfactory. The first thing you need is a microphone. It doesn’t have to be a professional microphone, but it is necessary for the sound to be clean. People give up watching the video if the sound is bad more often than if the picture quality is not, let’s say, in 4K resolution.

Then buy a camera. Buy a camera that records HD resolution and that will be enough to get you started. If you have a flagship smartphone, you can then use that camera as well, as high-end phones even have 4K cameras. You will also need lighting. Don’t rely on daylight, but buy softbox lights or LEDs, as neither is expensive. You will find many models under $ 100. If you do not want to invest money in equipment, you can choose an alternative, and that is to work with companies like Poddster that specialize in video podcast production and will provide you with everything, including equipment.


3. Ways to record

There are several ways to record. The simplest is static image recording, where you just convert the audio to a video file and add an image. This is done by all those who want to post their podcast on YouTube, but do not want to record it. Yet there are much better options than that.

You can record in the studio using a podcast hosting software, which is the best option. Once you set up a studio, which doesn’t have to be as professional as on a radio station, you’ll have a place to record your podcasts quickly and easily. You set up a camera, microphones, and lighting, and then all you have to do is have quality guests. This is how almost all the most famous podcasts in the world work.

There is also an online option, which is to record conversations that you have with interlocutors via Zoom, Skype, and so on. A good option if you plan to interview people from different parts of the world.

4. How to create it


The first thing you need to do is have a guest, a topic, and everything else planned in advance. But that’s no different than an audio podcast.

Here everything will start with the recording of the episode, except in the case of static image recording. When you record in a studio or online, you need to record an episode. Be sure to check in advance if the lighting is good, if the camera is positioned well, then pay attention to the clothes and so on.

When you have a satisfying video, then you have to edit it. You usually need to merge the audio and video file, because you are not recording the sound with a camera, but with a microphone to keep the sound clean. It is very important that the sound is accurate. When we say accurate, we mean that the sound is not delayed or faster than what is currently on the screen. That will look very unprofessional. In the end, all you have to do is upload the video to YouTube or wherever you want.


These are the basic things you need to know about podcast video recording. It is important to pay attention to each of these things, as well as to many other details, in order to breakthrough. The competition is so great that your audience will not tolerate any mistakes. If you think that you will not be able to do everything yourself, then hire professionals to help you like

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