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6 Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Podcasts To Listen To In 2024

Podcasts have become an excellent source to keep yourself up to date with whatever is happening worldwide. Even when it comes to learning about cryptocurrencies, it provides you with great help. If you are also looking for some fantastic podcast options to enhance your knowledge about the crypto world, then probably you have landed on the right platform.

Are you a beginner who wants to start his journey in crypto trading? If yes, you cannot miss listening to the Podcasts to gain the latest information about cryptocurrencies and blockchains. However, sometimes it can be challenging to choose the right Podcast. So, in this article, we have prepared a list of some of the best podcasts that you can listen to and rely on in 2024.

We all have hectic schedules, and there is not enough time for us to take online courses to learn about blockchains or cryptos. That is when Podcast comes as an excellent way to serve us and provide the latest updates at our convenience. You can easily find them on social media, current affairs, sports, and even movie reviews. Consider visiting for more information.

Some Trusted Cryptocurrency Podcasts To Listen To In 2024

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is the most happening trading market, and investors can’t keep themselves informed by reading books or lengthy articles daily. This is where the need for a Podcast increases. It not only helps in obtaining updates but also inculcates in us a good habit of listening. But for that, you must keep in mind to choose the best source for you. Let us quickly get into the list to know more about it.

1. BTC Audible:

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If you are still wondering why you should prefer a podcast over reading huge articles, then your confusion will get resolved on this platform. It explains very well why people should give preference to listening rather than reading and wasting time.

The host of this show is Guy Swann, who is experienced in explaining even the most technical and complicated stuff in the easiest way possible. One episode of Bitcoin Audible runs for about one hour, and it contains everything that you might have missed following up about Bitcoin in the past few days.

It would be an incomplete list if we didn’t include the Unchained show in it. It is another most popular and reputable podcast available on the web. This show is hosted by a famous blockchain journalist, Laura Shin. Everyone interested to be a part of the crypto world must listen to her performance at least once, and you will keep returning to it again and again.

Laura explains the insights of cryptocurrencies in a very crisp, clear and informative manner. It is an excellent platform for beginners who aren’t aware of different types of blockchains and crypto coins in the market. Unchained is telecasted weekly, and the episodes also contain engaging interview sessions with famous crypto personalities such as the founders, CEOs, etc.

2. Crypto 101:

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Crypto 101 is a perfect Podcast for someone who wants to brush up on the basics of cryptocurrencies. Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone host the show. Both of them are pros at advising about crypto. Every episode contains a particular topic that is related to digital currencies. If you are looking for a beginner’s guide to cryptocurrencies, then you must watch episode 365.

It is telecasted weekly, and every episode varies in duration. Therefore, you have to be prepared to spend 25 minutes to about one hour listening to it. To get more information or tips related to the crypto world, you can sign up using your email.

3. The pomp Podcast:

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This Podcast is not solely dedicated to crypto coins and bitcoin, but it covers a good amount of updates related to both topics. You might get to hear content regarding mental health or viral stuff, but this happens very rarely, and that is not an issue. The host of the show Anthony Pompliano provides the best source of information related to cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you must try checking this out for once.

4. The Decrypt daily:

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In today’s world, where everyone is busy in their routine lives, there is no time left to keep ourselves updated with the latest news. The cryptocurrency industry is highly volatile, and many new projects related to it are getting released every day. Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent source that can keep you informed about whatever is happening in the crypto world, then “The Decrypt Daily” is one of the best Podcasts for you.

The topics covered under this Podcast include economics, finances, and, most importantly, latest updates about digital currencies. All of these topics are managed by the host of the show, Matthew Aaron. The best part of this Podcast is that its episodes are for about 20-30 minutes only, which covers all the necessary information. Therefore, you don’t have to spend hours daily listening to it.

5. Crypto Radio:

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If you are looking for a platform that covers a large variety of topics, then this might be just for you. Crypto Radio brings episodes covering various areas such as blockchain, crypto investing, developments in technology, etc. Four persons host this show together, and each one of them is an experienced investor in cryptocurrencies.

The whole Podcast can be broken down into several series of different topics for your convenience. For example, if you want to view an episode containing crypto investment content, you can listen to their series of beginner’s guides to cryptocurrency investing.

To sum up

In today’s world, it is hard for all of us to watch the daily news to know what is happening around us. But we cannot completely ignore the need of keeping ourselves up to date with all the trends in the market. Podcasts are one of the most fantastic ways to hear about the latest insights into the crypto world. Pick any one podcast from the above list, depending on your interest and convenience.

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