How to Find the Best Mp4 to Mp3 Converter

There was a stage when we used to evaluate what would be the best converting tool before converting the files. It was not an easy effort for anybody to discover it. Users were forced to sit in their chairs for long hours, injuring their backs, in search of a suitable converter, and if they did locate one, the files they wished to convert were not supported by that program. As a result, users will find it more difficult to convert mp4 files to mp3 format.

Reason for this much craze and why?

People prefer mp3 music over high-quality mp4 music not only because they are simple to listen to at any time and from any location, but also because they do not drain the battery. There were various systems, such as tapes, that were popular in the 1990s, and coming to college with them was considered very hip, but times have changed, and technology has advanced, but the preference for mp3 music over mp4 music has not altered. Most individuals still like listening to music on their phones or computers by subscribing to applications that provide audio tracks of all genres, and they pay for it. There’s also the cliche that desire has no monetary worth. It’s all about love.

Tools that help you to recreate the magic


As of today, it is simple to search for any converter on Google by simply typing the best converter for mp4 to mp3, and you will be presented with thousands of options to open those links and use their services; however, using them is difficult because some of the links contain malicious viruses that can harm the device you are using while also slowing it down.

Then you have to browse and download the antivirus software, which is heavy in size and takes time to get a download. So doing so, we have come up with some best tools for you to use and enjoy converting mp4 videos to mp3 audio formats and using some other tools by adding the effects and adjusting the song according to your likeness.



It’s the most used tool by the users, as it just not only offers you to convert files for free but also enables you to make the changes in them. Evano has a wide variety of tools from Converting mp4 to mp3 format to WAV format, Video editing, and end on the PDF converter. MP3 into WAV, which is considered the lossy music in the audio format also preferred by the editors to record the music and edit the music to enjoy the high and top-quality music.

Evano has been preferred more among other software on google to render their services, but maintain the quality of converted files with that same quality of sound is not all other converter things. Here you can convert files unlimited for free if you are regular in the converting and editing process or it’s like your job or passion for doing so. Then go for Evano premium, which would cost you a little but gives you a vast amount of services to convert heavy files and edit them using its advanced tools.

It gives you the storage option also, to save your edited media and browse them anytime without wasting any time searching where you saved the file on the device.



This website focuses mostly on YouTube videos. Users who are unable to download their favorite songs or movie clips no longer need to be concerned, as Ontiva has made it easy for them to download the videos and convert them to whatever format they like. It is possible to compress large files into smaller formats such as mp4, mp3, or wav.

Ontiva is a free internet software that allows users to convert up to 600 times for free. If a user wants to convert more than this, they just need to upgrade to their premium subscription, which allows you to convert YouTube playlists to mp4 to mp3 files, however, the quality is dependent on your internet speed. The faster it downloads, the better the quality content. It also has video converters that allow you to alter the videos. You’d be able to use the effects and other editing tools it provides to modify snippets from your chosen videos, but just for a few seconds.

Conversion is as simple as copying the URL, pasting it into a search engine, selecting the format you want to convert to, and waiting for your converted file to download.


Likewise, one of the conversion tools, similarly to the ones listed above but with fewer features. It focuses mostly on YouTube videos that can be readily converted to mp3 format. To utilize their services, users must either establish an account using their Google accounts or connect their Facebook accounts. is a safe and secure website that does not save your information and deletes it after you’ve finished updating. This online software does not charge a membership fee or provide any packages to its editors in exchange for their online services. Anyone, whether a novice or a seasoned professional, may convert.

The converting can be done instantly, and your downloading will start right after that once the conversion procedure is complete.

Procedure to convert files

  • Search the video in the search bar or copy the link of that video.
  • Paste the link and select the option to convert the file.
  • Before the conversion process, it would ask you the format.
  • Clicking on the desired format, your converting process of the file gets started.
  • The converted file will be download once you click on the download button.

The closing points

We have now realized that it has been no more difficult to find and convert the files when you have available the best software’s online and offers you to use their services for free. Still, it depends upon the converting activity of the user that does, he or she does it only for fun, or it’s their hobby to do so. Then choosing the right software would be tricky because converting heavy files is not for free, and every software asks the user to give the option to purchase their advanced services, and by that, only further work can be done.

Heavy converted files contain more space. For that space, you had to delete some old stuff, which you had been keeping safe for a long time, and also not just this, the speed of the device working remained not the same when you’d been converting and downloading files and store them into your drives of the device.

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