Which Is the Most Suitable Swimming Pool for Kids

It goes without saying that a kiddie inflatable pool is the most suitable one for children. But, what about one that you could also take a dip in? Which one would that be?

Well, we thought long and hard about that question, and what we concluded isn’t really all that simple. It depends on quite a few factors, to be honest. But, we’ll try to give you a comprehensive answer nonetheless.

Let’s Talk Styles


For starters, let’s talk about pool styles.

There are two main pool styles that people usually go for – above-ground and in-ground. You could add portable ones to the list, as well, but we already concluded those aren’t the ones we’re interested in.

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools have become the most popular ones over the last few years since they’re pretty affordable and can be installed fairly easily. What’s interesting about these is that you can find them in a lot of different shapes and sizes.

As for the depth, or in this case, height, it usually varies from 48 to 52 inches. But some models can be as deep be a bit deeper. As you can see, this means that these should be more than safe for kids, at least height-wise, but at the same time, if you’re trying to swim laps – that may be a little tricky.

In-Ground Pools

The traditional, in-ground swimming pools are far more customizable than the above-ground ones. While they may not look as sleek and sexy as some of these transparent, infinity-like above-ground ones – they’re still an evergreen choice.

As for the kids and their safety/enjoyment, it really depends on how you build the pool. The depth is completely up to you, as well as the shape and size.

You could make it a shallow, kiddie pool with just a few inches of water or you could make it 6 feet deep – again, it all comes down to your preferences. You can put the two together if you want.

What you can also do is incorporate a slope, which is a pretty popular choice these days. This way, you can have a shallower end for the kiddos and a deeper one for the grown-ups.

What About Types?


The two main types of pools are fiberglass and concrete. But, there’s also a third type – vinyl-lined.

Which of these is the best and safest for the little ones? Let’s find out.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are usually the most expensive ones (per square foot, at least) but they’re also the easiest to install and maintain. Not to mention, they look pretty darn good.

As for kids, these are probably the safest bet. The smooth yet anti-slip surface will prevent any cuts or scrapes and, if you go for a shallow one, there won’t be any issues whatsoever.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are usually less expensive than fiberglass ones but they’re also a lot more difficult to build and maintain. However, the customization possibilities are virtually endless.

You could build a traditional, rectangle pool, but with a very shallow end where even toddlers could play. So, in a sense, these could be the safest choice, but only if you do it right.

Vinyl-Lined Pools

Vinyl-lined pools are basically concrete pools with a liner on the inside. They’re basically the same as the concrete ones, apart from the lining, so everything we said above, applies here.

How Do You Make A Pool Kid-Friendly?


While we do have a few ideas on how to do this, we didn’t want to give you any foul advice, so we voiced our concerns to the experts over at Compass Pools for some pro-level tips and tricks.

So, how do you make a kid-friendly pool?

• You need a shallow end. You can gradually increase the depth for you and other adults, but keep one part of the pool shallow. This is perfect for kids since they can play and splash around in the shallow waters without you having to worry about anything.

• Incorporate some features that will make it fun for the little ones. This could be anything from a small slide to a waterfall or even some toys that they can use in the water.

• The pool should have a smooth, non-slip surface. This is important for two reasons – first, you don’t want your kids to hurt themselves and second, you want them to be able to move around freely without slipping and falling.

• Make sure the pool is properly fenced in. This is for their safety and for your peace of mind.

• Lastly, make sure your kids (and the pool) are geared up to their teeth. We’re talking about things like mini life jackets, floaties, and even a pool cover just to be safe no one falls in.

By following these simple tips, you should have no problem whatsoever in making your pool kid-friendly and safe. Just remember to always supervise them when they’re in the water and never leave them unattended, not even in an inflatable kiddie pool.

Will Kid-Friendly-fying A Pool Cost Extra?


Not necessarily. In fact, you might even save a few bucks – in the long run.

While you may have to put some more money up front for a custom design or things of sorts, just keep one thing in mind – water.

Not only will your pool use less water, but you’ll also save money on heating, filtration, and other associated costs.

So, in the end, it’s really a win-win. Your kids get to enjoy the pool and you get to save a few bucks.

Final Verdict – Which One’s The Best?

Well, we’ll have to disappoint you.

The way we see it – anyone will do.

You can make any pool, fiberglass, concrete, in-ground or above-ground – kid-friendly.

It all comes down to design and how you incorporate certain features into the pool. So, as long as you do that right, your kids will be able to enjoy the pool just as much as you do.

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