Top 6 Cryptocurrency Market Podcasts You Must Follow In 2024

There are many things to learn in terms of Crypto trading. Listening to cryptocurrency market podcasts is the best way to learn about various techniques and strategies to use in trading. Confusion might arise while selecting the best ones. Don’t worry because you have come to the right place. We will provide you with a list of podcasts that you can follow to improve your performance.

Various digital currencies are receiving widespread attention from people all over the world. The main reason is the high-profit potential. Another advantage is that different platforms are there to assist you with starting your trading journey. You can visit this site if you are searching for a reliable website. The process of registering is pretty straightforward. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert.


The value of different digital currencies has increased significantly in recent years. We don’t know the future, but you can make huge profits today. Many people enter the market before they understand how digital coins work. Sometimes they lose their hard-earned money because of a lack of knowledge. It is best to prepare first.

It is now easier to learn different things about virtual currencies. It is one of the reasons why people are interested in this type of investment. The credit goes to unique software applications and social media. You can connect with many expert traders to gain extensive knowledge regarding investment in cryptos. The best thing is you don’t need anything; just a device and a stable internet connection. Convenience is all that matters.

What are the most popular cryptocurrency market podcasts for beginners to follow?

People are usually confused because many artists share their knowledge of trading cryptocurrencies in various ways. You will find videos, articles, blogs, and podcasts on the web. Finding what suits you is a very challenging task. But you can find it out by looking at the following options-

1. Unchained


Unchained is one of the best podcasts to learn all the unheard details of different cryptos. It is hosted by Laura Shin, senior editor of Forbes. It covers almost all topics related to cryptocurrency trading. If you are a complete beginner, you can improve your knowledge by listening to various Unchained episodes.

Many business enthusiasts, traders, entrepreneurs, etc., prefer listening to all the episodes. The best part is that Laura Shin is a creative hostess. One cannot get bored with her unique content. Also, she has extensive knowledge of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market. You will receive a new episode every week, each with an average length of 49 minutes. The only thing you need to do is stay tuned for new ones.

2. Coin Mastery

Do you want to know the latest news, updates, and trends in the digital currency market? If so, it has been introduced for investors like you. People think that the main reason for this podcast is that Carter Thomas hosts it. He is both a professional investor and a marketer.

Carter Thomas analyzes all the new things about cryptocurrencies to share his knowledge and experience with the new investors. If you begin hearing his every episode, you might get addicted to it. Still, it is much better than wasting your time. You will also get to know about helpful tips and tricks to start earning.

3. The Bad Crypto Podcast


This audio broadcast is famous for getting all the necessary information about the various digital currencies on the market. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, altcoins, etc. You will also learn about what is happening in the cryptocurrency world. The two speakers Joel Comm and Travis Wright, are both considered the best encryption experts.

They upload two new episodes for fans every week. The average length of them is approximately 51 minutes. Therefore, you don’t have to take a lot of time from your busy schedule.

4. The Breakdown, With NW

The world of cryptocurrency is growing faster than before. In this podcast, host Nathaniel Whittemore briefly analyzes the different aspects of cryptocurrency. In this way, even newcomers can understand whether investing in it is a good choice or not. His series also discusses other topics, such as geopolitics and macroeconomics.

You must follow The Breakdown because all the episodes teach you more about digital currencies. People who prefer it never get disappointed with the quality of content. In addition, the duration of each episode does not exceed 19 minutes. You will also get a daily dose of learning and entertainment.

5. Unconfirmed


Unconfirmed is another famous podcast for beginners of crypto traders. Through this podcast, you will understand everything happening in the digital currency market. Every trader needs to know the latest trends, news, and updates about cryptos to be successful.

Some people think that knowledge is not required to start their trading journey. People with this kind of thinking will suffer losses and problems when investing in virtual currencies. If you don’t want to fall into this situation, you should not forget to gain knowledge. Also, note that all episodes of Unconfirmed are not that long. So, you can watch them whenever you have free time.

6. Crypto 101

Are you an absolute beginner who wants to enter the world of cryptocurrency? In Crypto 101, you will find an introductory guide to various crypto transactions. Each episode is unique because the hosts Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone deal with different topics each time.

They are expert individuals who know everything about cryptos. Therefore, people will never get tired of listening to them. The hosts also share unique techniques and methods for earning more profits by investing in digital coins. In other words, there is a lot to learn from this podcast.

The Bottom Line

Cryptocurrency trading involves a lot of research and analysis. Unfortunately, some people ignore this fact and start spending their money buying digital currencies. You should not do the same thing. Otherwise, you will face problems in the long run. Now, you can quickly improve your knowledge by following the podcasts mentioned above.

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