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How to Take Control of Your Auto Insurance Claim

Getting in a road accident is a common thing viewed from a larger perspective. It happens to someone every day. But, it never gets less stressful, especially if you know that you are the one who made the mistake and you’re now left with all these costs and fees to pay. This is why a lot of people consider investing in insurance because a small portion of money per month can be a real life-saver later on. In some countries, it’s even necessary to have insurance after you purchase a vehicle.

But, things aren’t as black and white when it comes to taking control of your claim. Those without experienced usually panic-out and make the wrong move. You can visit this link to know how In a perfect world scenario, the entire insurance concept needs to work like this:

  • You pay a certain amount of money on a monthly or yearly basis
  • You instantly get paid compensation for the damages after the accident happens

And, in reality, it’s quite similar to this, but with a few extra obstacles. In today’s article, we’ll teach you exactly how to take control of your auto insurance claim as well as mention a few extras that you may not know about. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Understand the importance of being hasty

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Calling your insurer a week later after a road accident happened is definitely not a good idea. Even if you are far from home or in a situation where it’s someone else’s fault, phoning your insurer immediately is what we advise. Collecting as much evidence in the heat of the moment is also crucial. Use your smartphone if you have to, just get someone on the phone to come and inform your insurer about the event. The more you wait the worse it gets for you, and the more time the other party has to hire a lawyer and “bend” things into their own favor.

Cooperating with your insurer will yield the most benefits

Some insurers have collaborations with auto repair shops and services, so if you collaborate with them, you can end up with several benefits. More for your price, quality repairs, and industry certifications are just a few of the examples. For detailed information, you can always read more at tachoirauto.

Cooperating with your insurer is crucial both during the investigation phase and during the time when you decide which service to use for your auto repairs, as well as medical treatment. In some cases, the insurer will represent you if a claim ends up being brought against you.

If you are taking the route of choosing service shops on your own, make sure to find ones that work with deadlines, because your insurer has certain time limitations as well. In case you are not familiar with any shops, as mentioned above, the insurer will provide you with a list of trustworthy partners you can choose from.

No matter what type of paperwork you end up with, keep a copy of it

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This is something that we like to describe as one “large legal game” in which you’ll end up filling a lot of different paperwork. And, this paperwork will usually determine whether the situation plays in your favor or not. Not only we advise you to make a copy of everything you sign, but we strongly recommend it as well, and not just one copy, get multiple of each document in case you are the type of person who ends up losing things regularly. The same thing goes for your records because you can’t simply tell your insurer something costs you $300 without having proof.

Your costs, expenses, and fees will not be covered unless you have records

The repairs you get for your vehicle at the car shop, the medical bills you get issued for the treatment, as well as any other expenses you have to take care of all need to be documented. Showing these records to your insurer is the only way to get compensation and get them covered. Keep track of everything, it’s really important.

If you are unable to go back home due to the injuries you suffered, a no-fault insurer will cover at least some of the costs for a housekeeper and other expenses related to your inability to be at home. This applies to the days you missed off work as well, depending on the policy.

Things to avoid after finding yourself in a car accident

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Trying to fabricate the evidence on the spot

This is strongly against any law and doing it will put you in a lot of trouble. Don’t move any injured person and don’t admit it’s your fault or blame the other party it’s their fault. Leave this to the cameras, the eye-witnesses, and the police.

Agreeing on a deal with the other involved party

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No matter what you agree on with the other party, the exact opposite can happen a few weeks later. They can sue you unexpectedly even if they agreed to simply “forget” about the event and move on with their lives. This is highly unadvised.

Accepting money to not inform the authorities about the event

If you do this, not only you are breaking the law but you also lose your right to file an insurance claim later on. Don’t try to play the system thinking you’ll be able to get the money both from the insurer and from the other party involved in the accident.


Acting quickly post-accident is the most recommended thing if you are looking to get that auto insurance compensation as soon as possible. . But, while acting quickly a person can end up making a mistake, which is why in this article we included a small section of things you shouldn’t do after a road accident. If you want to learn more about how you can save on car insurance just click here.

As always, we thank you for the time you took to read this piece and we hope that we helped you learn something new. Take care of yourself and drive carefully.

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