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Why Is Chocolate Healthy?

The modern tendency for diets often makes people who control their weight refuse sweets and chocolate in particular. Moreover, in woman’s magazines, we can often see articles convincing us that chocolate is bad to eat.
However, the truth is somewhere in between as usual. Can we eat chocolate or can we not? Is there any benefit from this sweet and delicious foodstuff? Let’s consider all the facts.

Health Benefits Of Chocolate

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To begin with, let us clarify that all the beneficial properties that will be listed below can be received from the dark chocolate (preferably unsweetened) with a high cocoa content. Milk and especially white chocolate have way less positive compounds and nutrients because of the reduced amount of cocoa which is the major source of all the perks this sweet treat can offer.

However, if you feel tempted to buy a whole batch of yummy bars to enjoy them anytime, hold on! Chocolate is rather durable but even it can spoil so better buy it moderately to not stock for months until the only place it can go to is your trash bin.

Also, we need to remember that sweet chocolate must be consumed reasonably which means approximately thirty grams a day. With the unsweetened alternative, we will have no such trouble since it is simply impossible to eat too much of it!

So, are you ready to learn the major magical powers of your favorite sweet?

It is nutritious

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Of course, if we mean a bar of 60-80% quality dark chocolate. Such a sweet treat will be loaded with fiber and minerals like iron, magnesium, and copper. Of course, you’d better not consume a whole bar daily since it’s pretty high in calories which may lead to unwanted extra kilos.

It’s a delicious antioxidant

Fine dark chocolate is loaded with natural and organic compounds that work as innate antioxidants which places it on top of healthy foods even higher than fresh berries and fruits with the same effect!

It’s good for blood

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This simple phrase means that fine dark chocolate with 60-80% of cocoa in it can normalize our blood pressure and improve blood flow. The compounds it contains make our blood vessel tissues relax and not resist blood flow which leads to better circulation.

Chocolate is our heart best friend

We live in a stressful world which often results in various problems with the heart. However, if we consume a bit of fine dark chocolate daily, we can significantly reduce the risks of heart disease development!
The ability to reduce insulin resistance is one of its “magical powers” which means this dessert is able to annihilate one of the most serious risk factors for many heart issues.

Chocolate protects our skin

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This is something very few people know but dark chocolate is able to make our skin smoother, better hydrated, and boost its density. Some people even claim it can make the skin more resistant to the sun’s rays!

It’s good for the brains

Probably everyone knows that students are often advised to take a bit of chocolate now and then when studying hard. And it makes sense! This sweet dessert can significantly improve your brain functions and verbal fluency due to the flavanols it contains.

How to Buy Proper Chocolate

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This question is asked frequently since people often have no idea what to pay attention to when choosing a bar of this sweet treat. Today we have plenty of kinds of chocolate with various fillers, but are they healthy?

To guide you through all the complications, we suggest paying attention to the following aspects:

  • Buy dark chocolate that contains 60% of cocoa or more. If you manage to find a sugar-free option, it will be wonderful
  • Read the list of ingredients attentively. You want a bar that has a few components as possible. The first ingredient must always be cocoa accompanied by cocoa butter/nibs/powder.
  • If you want sweetened chocolate, ensure the sugar doesn’t come first on the list of ingredients! Ideally, it must be at the very end of the list
  • High-quality dark chocolate must not contain milk at all! Well, except for the milk fat which adds flavor and softens the dessert
  • Better opt for brands that sell unflavored chocolate since various scents can be added through chemical compounds
  • If you see trans fat listed on the bar, skip it and look for better options

Like that, you will be able to find the healthiest chocolate with pure flavor and taste.

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