5 Tips to Sprucing Your Home Exteriors With a Wooden Fence

The fence forms an integral part of your home. It can serve multiple purposes and will deter intruders from entering your property. For this reason, it’s advisable to choose high-quality fencing materials, and wood is quite popular. You’d spot wooden back fences in the past, but wooden fences are now very popular in front yards.

Wooden fences are favorite among many homeowners, thanks to their aesthetic appeal. These fences will not only enhance safety in your home but will significantly improve its look. There are also many other benefits associated with wooden fences. Are you seeking ways to enhance the look of your home with a wooden fence? Look no further; your options are limitless.

Why install a wooden fence?


The good thing about a wooden fence is that it’s easily customizable. You can paint it to match your preferences and home exteriors. Also, you can always repaint to modify the look of your home when required. Also, you can use different paint colors to achieve the desired look. Still, you can add a few more features like posts and wood accents.

Durability is also worth mentioning. Wood is durable and can last for years with proper maintenance. You can treat it to guard against certain elements and don’t have to replace the entire fence in case of damages to some posts and you can visit to learn about the different types of exteriors for commercial and residential purposes.

These fences are way cheaper compared to other types. For instance, you need bricks and cement to construct a stone walled fence. Still, you should pay a professional builder, which may take days or weeks and can be costly.

What are the styles & designs to consider?


Wooden fences come in various styles and designs. However, all share similar components, and your fence will feature rails, pots, and panels. The different fence designs serve different purposes, and your needs mostly determine your choice. The standard wooden fence styles are;

Private fences

Private fences look remarkable on any property. They enhance your safety and shield your home from onlookers. However, they work best when installed on smaller segments of your home.

Semi-private fence

The semi-private fencing style offers a bit of privacy and allows you excellent visibility and ventilation. These fences look stunning on either side and are ideal for all weather conditions.
You can contact the local fence company in mooresville for designs and quotes.

Post and rail fence

A post and rail fence gives that rustic feel to your home and will help you achieve that rough look. You’ll get this fence in different styles, and you can supplement it with a mesh to bar smaller animals from entering your property. It may not be the best choice when it comes to security, but it will significantly enhance the look of your home and raise its value.

Picket fence

Picket fence styles are favorite among many homeowners and will add charm and appeal to your home. These fence styles are available in different designs, such as the dog ear, French gothic, and flat top. Picket fences are commonly used in gardens and lawns.

Here are tips to enhancing the look of your home with a wooden fence.

1. Go for quality wood


Wood fences come in different types of wood; these range from pine, cedar, cypress, redwood, and more. Every kind of wood has its pros and cons; examine this thoroughly when making a selection. Redwood is very common, thanks to its quality, durability, and aesthetic value. Choose high-quality wood, and don’t compromise on this to save some cash. Choose vinyl if you want a fence that is more durable because it can withstand bad weather, pests, rot, and fungus. You can check for more information.

2. Paint& stain

Painting is an excellent way of injecting color into your fence and property. You’ll likely get a wooden fence in that natural look, but you can play around with colors to create the desired appeal. Why not spruce up things with your favorite color? If you fancy that natural look, stain the wood to create a more exotic feel.

Can I tell you more? Painting or staining adds an extra layer of protection to your wood, making it more durable. For excellent results, use quality paint to minimize the need to repaint often.

3. Add lattice


Lattice interlays different wood strips to enhance the look of a drab-looking fence. These panels add additional visual effects to your fence and home and can be used in different wooden fences. Lattice also encourages vine growth, which integrates your fence with the natural surroundings.

4. Consider post caps

Ornamental post caps will make your fence stand out. These are stylish ways of creating that timeless look and style for your property and fencing. The best thing about post caps is that you can get them in various types, allowing you to choose what complements your fence.

For instance, you can go for high point post caps, wood post caps, or plateau post caps. Also, you can choose ball post caps or the lighted ones in metal or glass materials. You can also opt for ambient colors for improved safety and appeal.

5. Add a post trim base


These work almost the same way as post caps. To achieve a better look with this post trim base, choose a style that matches the post caps. This will create a uniform look and improve your home aesthetics. The post trim base will create a more finished look in your home, and you can have it sized to fit your wooden fence.

6. Plant hangers work magic!

You may add top and post caps and still not achieve the desired look. This happens when your surroundings are large or have a flay yard. To break the monotony, add some decorative plant hangers to enhance the visual depth of your fencing.

What’s more, plant hangers will help cover up any blemishes on your fence and make it blend in well with the soundings. Place them strategically and avoid hanging too many hangers in one place.

Final thoughts

A wooden fence is a unique addition to any home. It will restrict animals and intruders from accessing your home and will you’re your home a more stunning look. You have multiple options regarding the styles, and you can always get the most suitable wooden fence for your needs. For a more beautiful home exterior, acquire a quality fence from a reputed vendor and have the fence installed by a professional.

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