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4 Signs Your Online Marketing Strategy is Not Working

Digital marketing is something that many people do successfully. There are many different skills you need to obtain if you are interested in enhancing its performance. But you will certainly agree that there are not too many worse things than working on something for months and not receiving adequate results. We can see that this is something that can happen in digital marketing pretty often.

It doesn’t matter if you have all kinds of skills. These things just happen sometimes. When this happens, there are three things you can do. You can try to push this strategy forward and hope for something with the change, you can quit it altogether, or you can change it. The majority of marketers know that digital marketing is all about paying attention to analytics and measuring the results.

Therefore, you can make changes that can make a difference in the future. Sometimes, it would be good for you to hire someone to help you. In case you are interested in doing something like this, be sure to take a look at The Search Equation. But for you to avoid all the negative things about a marketing strategy, spotting signs that your marketing strategy is not performing is the best possible approach. So, we would like to provide you with some of the most obvious ones.

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Low Engagement Rate

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One of the clearest signs that there is something wrong with your online marketing strategy is the low engagement rate. It means that low numbers of comments, shares, and likes. When there’s a lot of them, you can be sure that you are doing a good job, and vice versa. However, that doesn’t mean that you should panic immediately when the engagement is not at a proper level. Sometimes, you will need to give it time to set it.

However, when these numbers are not getting higher for more than a few weeks, it is a sign that you need to change something in your approach. What needs to be said is that there is a lot of possibility to what got wrong in the process. Maybe there’s something wrong with the content you are publishing on your social media accounts. The updates you are sharing may be simply not good enough. Be sure to take a look at all of these things and try to improve the engagement rate.

Poor Backlinks

In case you don’t have quality backlinks on your website, you can be sure that chances are that you will fail at online marketing. To have the best possible links, you need to have a proper backlink strategy. You’ll be surprised to know that many marketers simply don’t have a proper one. In some cases, they don’t even have one. They are just building around without having an idea about what they should do to increase the number of quality links to your site.

But, before creating a strategy, you need to know what is needed for one of these. Google considers the two most important things when they are ranking sites based on their backlinks. Of course, their number needs to be high. However, this is not enough. A majority of them need to be as good as they can be. Google has improved its algorithm and can spot spam sites. So, linking to this kind of site will not provide you with anything good.

On a side note, if you have no idea where your site stands in terms of backlink numbers and quality, analysis links to your website is recommended. It involves reviewing the quantity and quality of backlinks and determining whether or not the website content is good enough to attract high-ranking links.

Low Website Traffic

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Website traffic is one of the best signs that your strategy is working or not. It can show you if you are getting enough visits to your site and if you can target your audience properly. Once again, it needs to be said that quality is a much better option than quantity. You can have a lot of website traffic, but if it is not good enough, you can be looking towards changing your approach. Bad website traffic means that you haven’t been able to reach your target audience.

We can say that website traffic is, at its core, an engaged audience. These visitors are visiting your website, taking a look at a couple of pages on it, and spend more than 2 minutes on these. In case you have a blog, you will see that your visitors spend much more time on your website. When you see that your visitor’s time on your site declines to less than a minute, this is a clear sign that there’s something wrong with the strategy you are using.

Not Having a Strategy

Last but not least, we would like to mention that not having a strategy is probably the most obvious sign that there is something wrong. While it doesn’t seem like this can be one of the biggest mistakes businesses make, believe us, it is. We know, it is pretty hard, almost impossible, to have an overall one. However, it is important to pay attention to at least a couple of the most important ones. That way, you know where you are spending your money, and you can avoid wasting it on insignificant things.

We would like to provide you with a couple of the most important mistakes businesses make in this field.

  • Wasting thousands of dollars on PPC and Adwords campaigns without tracking conversions is a bad thing.
  • Believing that marketing tools can perform on their own, without controlling at least the most important aspects.
  • Not being able to brand their business and failing to brand recognition with the use of strong consistent trademark across all digital and media channels.
  • Investing money on anything without defining a goal on purpose.


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As we’ve mentioned, many people are successful with implementing their online marketing strategy in their business. Without a doubt, this is something that can pay off in a big way. However, there’s a chance that you will not be able to reach the best possible performance. So, when you have a strategy you hope will provide you with exceptional results, be sure to look for all the signs that can point you towards factors you will need to prevent by changing them.

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