Students Can Start Their Own Startup At College

The world has seen students produce more than good grades in college. Some have created world winning brands like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, among others, while still in college. It is enough motivation for college students to start their businesses and still pursue their academic goals.

It can be difficult to balance the demands of running a business of with school, be it in high school, community college or university. As a student, you have the freedom to create your own work and study schedules to accommodate this new reality.

Choose the right business idea


First, you need to decide on the best business idea. This will depend on your interests and how much time you have available to run the business successfully. Choose an idea that will not require you to earn new skills. Having to learn new skills will waste time. You might also not have the time to learn the skills while still attending classes. It compromises your competitiveness.

Avoid an idea that will require your fulltime commitment. You must protect your student status because it is the only reason you are in college. The best ideas are those that you can implement during your free time.

This guide will help you identify the best startup ideas for students. Click here to order the best custom paper writing services to dedicate your time for your future startups.


Do you have special skills or knowledge in a particular subject? You can help students by setting up your own tutoring company. You can tutor any subject you are good at, such as math, English, and science. Music or a foreign language also provide excellent tutoring ideas.

The hourly rate for tutoring can be either per session or per hour. This type of business can be easily promoted at your school, in the library, and in community centers. You can also grow your business by interacting with students on campus. Your classmates and younger students might need your help with academics.

Consider tutoring students online. It allows you to capture students beyond your locality. You can teach students at another time zone, especially when you will be out of class. You may also create virtual classes or e-learning materials that they can access while you are away. These are the baby steps of starting a world class college in the future or a thriving online learning platform.

App Development


Although it may seem that there is already an app for every problem, the potential exists to create millions of apps to entertain users or solve everyday problems. This idea is ideal for students who are tech-savvy, but anyone can make a successful app with the right support and a great idea.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have an idea for an app. You can start brainstorming ideas by doing an audit of everyday tasks and problems that an app could solve. Most popular apps address a common problem which makes them more appealing.

Learning app development is also easy today. There are thousands of templates to polish, meaning that you do not require basic coding skills. Further, you can learn how to develop apps online. YouTube has numerous materials on app development. App development platforms also offer tutorials on their websites. Develop an app for the simplest task and you could soon be the biggest tech brand in the world.


A blog is a great idea for someone who loves sharing their interests, thoughts, and experiences with others. Blogs can be about a wide range of topics, including your personal life. A blog’s purpose is to provide information on a topic to interested readers in a fun way.

Basic writing skills are necessary to get started. Your site should also include photography and other visuals. Be true to your interests and experiences when choosing a topic for your blog. Blogs that are successful have authentic voices, which allows them to connect with their readers and create stronger relationships.

Freelance writing


Freelance writing can be a great way to make money while you study. Businesses and publications are looking for freelance writers to create articles and blog posts. Because of these diverse needs, you do not require the highest language or writing skills. You only need to know how to construct sensible content based on the target audience.

Freelance writing is a great way to gain valuable experience and help you build a career. Writer Access and Upwork (r) offer a safe platform for freelancers and businesses to connect. You may also use social media to source for freelance writing jobs. Another option is to set up a blog advertising your writing skills.

Meal Delivery Service

People have increasingly turned to food delivery services as there are fewer options for dining out. Start your own delivery company to help small businesses deliver their meals, allow customers to dine in at their favorite restaurants, and offer a flexible business opportunity that fits into your busy schedule.

Connect with local restaurant owners to compete with big-name meal delivery companies. Delivery fees for many popular food delivery websites and apps can be quite high. Offering faster delivery times and lower fees can give your business an edge.

You may also extend to delivering other products that people are buying online. It is the starting point when you want to set up an online store. The business is easy to scale and does not require any technical knowledge. Once you gain the confidence of your customers, you are ready for take-off into a fully-fledged business.



There are many ways to start a successful cleaning business. You could open a cleaning business that cleans your home, your office, or even your graffiti-cleaning company. This type of startup is affordable and offers flexible hours. Based on your availability, you can schedule as many clients and as many clients as possible. It will cost you very little to start your cleaning business, considering the overhead costs of marketing materials, cleaning supplies, vehicle expenses, and vehicle expenses.

Choose a business that is manageable based on your class schedule. Start a scalable business that allows you to expand upon the availability of capital or graduation. Choosing an idea that you are passionate about will make it easy to operate and mint profit.

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