6 Best Materials for Replacement Windows and Doors Cambridge

When the challenging part of your new construction home is almost done, you could start wondering what type of windows and doors Cambridge to install. This is a tough decision to make because of the many choices you are faced with at this point.

Besides choices, there are tons of other things to consider. When speaking of doors and windows, one must know they are generally divided into external and internal, and each of them must meet several functional and aesthetic criteria. These criteria include sound insulation, thermal insulation, economy, and aesthetic fit into the elements of the interior. Windows must be light-transmitting in winter, light-transmitting in summer, they must be movable but safe from burglary, light but strong enough. Doors have to perform the primary function of safety.

There are many windows and doors materials, and all have different features and characteristics as well as pros and cons. Ensure you do a little research before choosing any material for your windows replacement Cambridge units. Check more here.

Door Materials


1. Wood doors and windows

Wood replacement windows and doors Cambridge are the most common, and they are preferred because of their natural look. These doors are available in different wood species, and you can get doors made of mahogany or pine, which are generally considered some of the best woods.

Wood is durable and sturdy, and it can be shaped to make many door designs. Another advantage of this material is that it is energy efficient, a factor homeowners and homebuyers consider in a house.

The downside of this door material is that it is expensive to buy and maintain. Wood doors need much care and maintenance because you have to keep repainting them to maintain the natural wood grain stain. These doors are also prone to water and insects. They suck in water and swell, and the moisture later causes rotting.

2. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is another common window and door Cambridge material. The doors are known for energy efficiency and durability because they are very sturdy and do not dent or warp easily. You can get them in different shapes, designs, and colors that match your style. Although fiberglass doors are expensive, you will get value for your money.

3. Steel


Steel is a common material because these doors are light and easy to install. Although they are easy to maintain and cheap, steel doors are not durable. They are also not energy efficient because steel is a good conductor of heat.

The door easily dents and is hard to repair. Steel doors are not suitable for coastal houses because they react with moisture and salt, and rust. Rusting causes the door to weaken, making your home vulnerable.

4. PVC

PVC-made doors and windows have found wide application due to a more favorable price compared to wood and other materials, as well as practical maintenance and low sensitivity to external influences. What makes it a great choice is its insensitivity to moisture and the fact it doesn’t require painting, ever. The maintenance is quite simple as well, it can be washed with a regular detergent.

The downfall of this kind of material is the color. The choice of colors is not too great, and the cheapest is white carpentry. It is also the least environmentally friendly. It is sensitive to the sun and holds up worst in a fire because it helps it spread quickly while creating terrible smoke.

5. Aluminum

Aluminum exterior carpentry is almost indispensable in business facilities, as you may have already noticed. It is a material very resistant to external influences, so its life expectancy is between 30 and 50 years. It requires no maintenance, and the choices of colors are large. This material is not recommended for residential buildings, as it gives a visual effect of coolness.

The downfall is the insulation. On the list of mentioned materials, it is the worst insulator. However, if it’s your material of choice it is better to get the one with the so-called “thermal bridge” that insulates well but increases the price by at least 25%.

6. Glass

If you fancy views or live near the ocean or a beautiful forest, you can install glass windows and doors in Cambridge. They are suitable for views and for providing natural lighting. However, these doors might not be energy efficient, and as they are giving you views, they could also be inviting neighbors to see inside your home. If you are also not very comfortable with a lot of light coming in, you can consider other options like wood and fiberglass.

What To Consider When Buying A Glass Door


Glass doors provide views from outside, but they can deprive you of privacy. If you are considering this type of door, these factors will help you in selecting one.

How much are you compromising your privacy for views? When buying a glass door, go for reflective glass material. This one will only allow you to peep outside, and not those outside seeing inside your home.

Consider energy efficiency. Some glass doors are made with thick glass for energy efficiency. This type of glass will also offer noise insulation.

Security is a factor you should not compromise on. Glass doors make your home more inviting to intruders and burglars, so you should choose a tough enough glass. Buy a double or triple-paned glass door for better security.

Choose A Good Design


As you look at the windows replacement Cambridge materials, do not forget about the style, which comes pretty much in handy in enhancing the curb appeal of your home. There are many front door styles, and you should ensure they match your home’s architectural design. Do not install a modern door on a historic home. Doing so decreases the curb appeal and reduces your home’s value.

Add Sidelights

Sidelights are an attractive feature that enhances your home’s curb appeal. Having sidelights on your front door also adds security because you can see who is coming at night. Sidelights offer artificial light into the house at night, without the light rays being too bright like bulbs.

Glass doors are the best choice if you do not have enough light in the space and are an important decoration detail that can breathe freshness into the interior. They can be made in almost all sizes and shapes, they can have one or two wings, they can be sliding or classic, they can be opened with a photocell, they can be modern in style with full glass, but also more traditional with divided glass windows framed by wooden frames. They are extremely interesting and elegant solutions, which is why they are a common choice when renovating a space. Thanks to them, the space optically looks spacious.

However, before buying a door, be sure to assess the actual needs of the space, since this will determine the method of finishing the glass and the size of the door.

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