Snadboy Revelation

Snadboy Revelation

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Snadboy’s Revelation just might save you a heap of trouble some day. It’s a simple, one-function utility, but is free and easy to use. It enables you to retrieve long-forgotten passwords that Windows presents as a mysterious row of asterisks. Just drag and drop the Snadboy’s Revelation marker to the masked password field to retrieve the information.

The installation is quick and easy, and operation is as simple as dragging a crosshair icon over top of the hidden password in order to display it in the text field of the Revelation application. You can then copy the password to the clipboard. There are a few other display related options as well, which make it handy to use if you happen to do this sort of thing often. SnadBoy is being distributed by ZDNet at the moment as the original Snadboy site appears to be undergoing a makeover.

Download Snadboy Revelation v2.0 [220k] W9x/NT/2K Free

Download Snadboy Revelation (Alternate Server)

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