Adding items to “Send To”

Adding new items to the “Send To” Menu

One of my favorite tips of all time deals with the SendTo menu. If you only have the default shortcuts in there, you’re missing out on a world of functionality. You could be putting shortcuts in there for various (common) applications and possibly even folders. The “must have” shortcut in the SendTo menu has to be Notepad. It’s the easiest way to view a textual file. Click on the Start button, select “Run,” type in “sendto” (without the quotes), then make a new shortcut to Notepad within that folder. Don’t stop there, either… think about what else you might be able to “send” stuff to.

If you frequently move items to your desktop? Add this common destination to your Send To menu, and from then on, you can accomplish the move using the right-mouse button.

To add the desktop to your Send To menu, simply place a shortcut to the Windows\Desktop folder inside the Windows\SendTo folder.

Open the Windows folder, right-mouse-click and drag the Desktop folder directly over the SendTo folder, let go, and select Create Shortcut(s) Here.

You may also wish to rename the new desktop shortcut, now inside the SendTo folder.

From now on, moving an item to the desktop is a simple, right-mouse operation. Just right-mouse-click any file, folder, or shortcut; select Send To; and in the resulting list, select Desktop. No clicking or dragging necessary!

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