Windows 2000 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ




Many times we are asked questions about the setup, use and manipulation of Windows NT Work Station and Windows NT Server. With the release of Windows 2000, the questions have intensified greatly. These questions often range from simple installation issues through to specific setup and use issues for these operating systems, and often include questions relating to the various add-on and companion products that go with them. To make our responses more efficient, the following FAQ has been added to provide you with access to one of the best FAQ databases currently available. You will find the answers to most, if not all, of your day-to-day questions here.

We extend our sincerest thanks to John Savill of Savill Tech Ltd., for providing much of the information found in our support database. There are a number of excellent books that we support and recommend, including “The Windows NT and Windows 2000 Answer Book”, A Complete Resource from the Desktop to the Enterprise by John Savill. You will find Mr. Savill’s book at

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