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Free Tools from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit

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There are over 200 tools included on the Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit companion CD. You can use these tools to manage Active Directory™, TCP/IP, security features, users, and groups and even manipulate the registry and automate recurring jobs. Microsoft has made a large number of these tools available as a free download.


Apimon.exe: API Monitor Monitors the API calls made by a process.
Delsrv.exe Unregisters a service with the service control manager.
DH.exe: Display Heap Displays information about heap usage in a user-mode process or pool usage in kernel-mode memory.
Diskmap.exe Displays information about a disk and the contents of its partition table.
Dumpel.exe: Dump Event Log Dumps an event log to a tab-separated text file.
Extract.exe: Extract Cabinet Extracts files from cabinet (.cab) files.
Getsid.exe: Get Security ID Compares the security IDs of two user accounts.
Guid2obj.exe: GUID to Object Maps a GUID to a distinguished name.
Heapmon.exe Enables user to view system heap information.
Installation Monitor Tracks changes made by setup programs in the registry, .INI files, and other child processes.
Now.exe Echoes the current date and time plus any arguments passed to it.
Pulist.exe Lists processes running on local or remote computers.
Rpcdump.exe: RPC Dump Dumps all endpoints in the endpointmapper database, pings each endpoint, gathers other stats, sorts and displays the data.
Setx.exe Sets environmental variables in the the user or computer environment.
Xcacls.exe Displays and modifies security options for system folders.

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