Video Card and Monitor Resolution Controller

Video Card and Monitor Resolution Control

HobRes32 release 2 beta 6

Have you ever needed to control your video card and monitor resolutions without all of the grief associated with the Windows 16 bit “Quickres”. For a small, compact little program written in C++, this one does exactly what it says, it allows you to control and manipulate resolutions, even in multi-monitor environments.

The difference between HobRes32 and QuickRes is that it is 32bit software (QuickRes is 16bit) and it can control a multi-monitor or portrait-monitor systems.

Please be careful, as this freeware is a Alpha version and has only been tested on Windows98 and Windows 2000.

Download this (50KB)

Jerome-Bela Hoibian is the author of this freeware HobRes32. Code written in C++. All Rights Reserved.

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