5 Signs that You are Overdoing Face Cleansing and Preventive Things You Can Do

While following a daily routine for caring for your skin, the initial and crucial step is washing the face by applying a cleanser. You must clean the face by applying an adequate amount of cleanser and washing it with water. It removes dirt as well as excess oil from facial skin. Whatever your skin type, you must do this before proceeding with other steps of your daily routine.

But it is quite common for many individuals to do this step multiple times, and it is too harsh on one’s skin. You may not know whether you are overdoing the process of cleansing. A few signals can easily help you know about it.

Whenever you apply any product to one’s face, you should check its quality and the right process. You may be hurting the skin if you are avoiding any of these things. In the following write-up, we will discuss various signs of washing the face multiple times and things you can do to treat it.

1. Tightness in Skin


Many individuals think that skin tightness is the result of cleaning. But it is a myth. It means that one is not cleansing her face properly. It is quite common for people with oily skin. They wash their face too much because they think their skin is not yet clean after a single wash. When they overdo, their skin gets tight and prevents greasiness.

If you want such a result whenever you cleanse the face, it is always a big no for every person. Overdoing the cleansing process can remove the skin’s healthy pH balance and natural lipid barrier. It can cause severe dehydration and make your facial skin rough. Instead of cleansing the face multiple times, you must wash it once with a quality product that suits your skin well.

2. Oily Skin

It is a myth that washing the face too much will eliminate the oil completely. Instead, it can enhance the production of oil in your skin. The more you wash it, the more oil will come on your face. Overdoing the cleansing process can make the facial skin quite sensitive and produce oil.

You can observe several signs if you are overdoing the process of cleansing or applying alkaline products. It causes sebum production in excess. Washing multiple times can attack one’s skin and eliminate a layer of natural moisture.

Our skin defends itself by producing sebum and preventing the removal of moisture. You can see the sign by noticing the shiny and oily forehead. You can prevent this situation by picking the right product type and cleansing your face two times a day.

3. Getting Acne


In the above case, your skin starts producing sebum in excess during dehydration or when the skin lacks moisture. The excess production of sebum can cause acne as well as breakouts. It happens because sebum can clog all your facial pores.

Due to excess accumulation of oil, the bacteria start staying on the skin. It can make your skin unhealthy, making it hard to maintain the pH balance. It is easy to worsen the condition of bacteria that can trigger skin.

You can observe the triggering of the skin by breakouts. It can cause severe inflammation. If you are observing this sign on the face, it is better to avoid over-washing the face and apply a good product suggested by a dermatologist or visit at SkinCell.

4. Appearance of Rashes

Cleansing the face multiple times can also cause rashes due to skin irritation and dehydration. The skin loses natural moisture or oil whenever you cleanse the face multiple times. It makes the skin dry and can cause irritation and inflammation. You may end up scratching your face all day.

In case of dry as well as damaged skin, there are high chances of getting infections. Your rashes can get red, deep, and painful in severe cases. You must visit a dermatologist for proper treatment if you are suffering from severe rashes. Your condition can get worse with the presence of environmental irritants.

When irritation and rashes start appearing on your face, it is better not to wait long for the treatment. In the meantime, you can stop using any cleanser and wash your face with only water. It is better to avoid applying the wrong products to your face without knowing your skin condition.

5. Atopic Dermatitis

Allergens and irritants in products like shampoos, soaps, cleansers, etc., can cause several symptoms of eczema. It happens if the items have alkaline ingredients. These items are quite harsh on the skin.

It can remove the moisture from the skin and make it dry and scaly. To eliminate such symptoms, you must not cleanse multiple times a day. It is okay if you cleanse the face two times a day. Atopic dermatitis is a severe skin condition; you must meet a dermatologist for proper treatment.


What Can You Do?

If you experience any of the mentioned symptoms, you can do the following things to eliminate these issues.

  1. Avoid using harsh cleansers: Even if you have greasy skin, you should avoid using harsh or alkaline products. It can cause severe dryness or oiliness. You should buy a mild cleanser and apply it to the face gently.
  2. Reducing the frequency of washing the face: You must avoid washing the face multiple times daily. It is better if you clean your face two times a day.
  3. Use hydrating serums: If the skin is quite dry, you need serums to hydrate it. You can prefer using serums with hyaluronic acid to prevent loss of moisture.
  4. Apply a moisturizer: After cleansing, it is necessary to moisturize the face with a mild and hydrating moisturizer. Anyone with oily skin also requires hydration. A moisturizer locks your skin to prevent moisture loss.

The Bottom Line

You must note the signs to know whether you are over-washing the face. If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, you must do all the necessary things to prevent skin problems. There is a solution for such skin issues.

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